Disappointing Gay Best Friend: Wedding

How awesome are the fatigued, pained expressions that “Disappointing Gay Best Friend” Tyler Coates gives the well-meaning, yet painful stereotyping he receives from best friend Mikala Bierma? Not only is he cute, but Coates plays low-key exasperation so well. Wait. What if he’s not acting? What if she’s really like that? CRYSTAL HEADDRESS?

Tyler is too pale, and often seems like he might have the flu but hopefully he’s just worthy of YouTube’s version of the Oscar. Tyler, if you need soup and a hug (and some oral), hit me up.

Anyway, here’s the adorable yet misguided Mikala planning Tyler’s wedding.

Correction – I TOTALLY spelled Mikala’s last name wrong, so I’m a tool. It’s “Bierma.” How do I know this? CUZ’ TYLER COATES WROTE US! Here was his explanation for why he looks so pale. He’s a drinker! Like J. Harvey!

“Also, I was very hungover on Saturday morning when we shot that because I was out all night celebrating marriage equality (while avoiding any proposals). I appreciate the concern for my health and also the suggestion that blowjobs will improve my color!”

He’s like…a celebrity. I’m swooning.

– J. Harvey

To watch the “Disappointing Gay Best Friend” duo exult in New York’s new marriage equality, Follow the JUMP:

197 thoughts on “Disappointing Gay Best Friend: Wedding

  1. I love this.
    You should upload ‘Sassy Gay Friend’ sometime.
    HILARIOUS. If you’re moderately literate at least.

  2. Dear Tyler Coates,

    I will not propose to you. I will, however, make you breakfast the morning after, which we can enjoy on the patio with the morning paper, or any particular novel you may enjoy.

    That is all.


  3. It depends on where in the Sassy Gay Friend series you’re going–the recent ones have been pretty lacking.  Too much time talking about MiO. 

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