Who Would You Rather?: The Game Edition

How did you recover from your New Year’s Eve festivities? Quite honestly, I spent the entire weekend sitting on the couch in my underwear. Because, duh, there was a marathon of The Game on BET. What? I can’t help it if I’m a sucker for Tasha Mack‘s one-liners and the endless “Merwin” drama! Plus, the guys on this show are so fucking hot…

To celebrate the upcoming season premiere on January 11, we thought we’d kick things off with an exciting round of Who Would You Rather. Your choices include all of the most prominent male cast members–Pooch Hall, Coby Bell and Hosea Chanchez. So, um, which one of these guys would you rather pin down for a sweaty locker room romp?

– Dewitt

To check out shirtless pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

POOCH HALL (Derwin Davis):

COBY BELL (Jason Pitts):

HOSEA CHANCHEZ (Malik Wright):

24 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: The Game Edition

  1. Boomer84, did you pick Hall because he’s a mulatoo? LOL

    I think they all are hot, but if I had to pick one, I find Pooch Hall to be the hottest. You see in my book, light skin black or mixed race guys are not always the most attractive in my opinion.

  2. couldn’t even vote… find them all utterly unattractive — not even like a “lest objectionable” option.. wouldn’t touch any of ’em

  3. and before people call me racist: i like black men, have dated black men, have a black ex, etc —- not the race, just these three in particular

  4. Derwin has the model body, but I had to go with Malik. He looks so damn cuddly like a teddy bear cub. LOL

  5. JDressler, you have a right to voice your opinion. Unfortunately, society has brianed washed most in America, being Caucasian with European features is a sign of beauty. Although you say you are not racist, but deep down inside you probably do harbor racist feelings towards blacks on non whites. In my 5o years on this earth, I have encountered subtle racism from white (Jewish) liberal Democrats. I do find many white man attractive as I do with black, Afro Puerto Rican, Afro Cuban, Afro Dominican, and Afro Brazilian men.

  6. Now that I know that you are 50 it makes things so much easier. I’m not interested because you’re old, honey. You passed your expiration date 27 years ago, lol

  7. I have had the hots for Coby Bell since I first saw him in Third Watch years ago. Pooch would have to be a close second and the two of them together would just be too much!

  8. I agree with Jonathan….Cody Bell is one hott, sexxxy man….I’m also a fan of his since Third Watch…YES, YES YES!!!!

  9. Johnathan, I might be 50, but you might not live to be 50. You might end up dead from being a hoe and dying from AIDS.

  10. For someone who claims to have two college degrees my comment went over your head awfully easily…

  11. Please refrain from making comments of this nature in the future. They are hateful, bullying and we will not stand for it.

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