Who Would You Rather?: “Modern Family”

Note – I realize it’s an AWFUL ass picture, but it was the only one I could find of all of them together.

Remember when everyone on that show was so funny, nice and sweet and all about togetherness? Well, fuck that! My imagine of them is blown! The grown stars of Modern Family have refused to show up for filming the next season because they want more money. They’re suing 20th Century Fox so they can get out of their current contracts and make some more $$$. They currently make $65,000 an episode, and the salary increase they were offered was reportedly “$150,000 per episode plus a $50,000 per episode bonus for season 4; $200,000 per episode for season 5; $225,000 for season 6; and up to $325,000 for an anticipated season 9. ” They want double. A part of me feels like you can’t blame em’. Do you know how much a television network makes from a hit show? Another part of me feels like that is some greedy cuntery and I will be more than happy to strap on a pregnancy pillow and play Cam or dye my pubes ginger to play Mitchell if I can make 65,000 for a couple of days work. I used to act as a child. It’s pretty easy and not that labor-intensive compared to what people who dig ditches, or supermarket cashiers or people who wax vaginas have to do on a daily basis.

This was all just a ruse so I could ask you which guy in the Modern Family cast you would get with.

– J. Harvey

Vote after the JUMP:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Eric Stonestreet

Ty Burrell

Ed O’Neill

16 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: “Modern Family”

  1. Ty! Ty! Ty! Ty! Ty! Ty!

    I think it’s clear where my loyalties lie. No offense to JTF.

  2. I said Jesse. The dallas cast is “way hotter” but i refuse to choose the “none” option. it’s who would you rather not which of these if any

  3. Highly agreed! Ty’s excellent belly hair almost swayed me for a bit, but all of the above trump that by far!

  4. i have had the hots for ty burrell since i first saw him in the dawn of the dead remake.  his character was such a dickbag, but soooo fuckable!

  5. Since you gave the option, let’s see some skin shots from Dallas’ Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson.

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