Who The Hell Won?: Week of 10/24/11

Happy Halloween, you scary little creatures! Time to find out who won all of those goddamn polls we put up here. Because we love to vote and to click buttons and to offer our opinions! It’s why we make you do it, too.

– J. Harvey

To see who won, Follow the JUMP:

Would You Hit That?: Steve Yeun

The very handsome Yeun plays the scrappy Glenn on AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead. And you guys want to hit that! 51.64% of those who voted answered “Definitely!” when asked. We were shocked by the fact that only 2.5% answered “I’d watch that show but I’d like to keep my dinner down.” That’s it? Only 2.5%? Damn, I watch that show but I have an airline sick bag nearby.

iPhone Wars: Spandex Battle!

Man, why couldn’t those three have used an iPhone to take that pic? Our “iPhone Wars” winner this week was Contestant B (above) whose red tights took 54.9%

Fuck Vs. Fuck: Guys Who’ve Fucked Paul Wagner

That’s a lot of guys! But we narrowed it down to two – Logan Scott and Samuel O’Toole – and asked you guys to choose which of their scenes with Paul was hotter. You chose Sammy! Sorry Logan, but Mr. O’Toole took 78.56% of the vote. Check out the picture above. That’s a hard pairing to beat.

Aural Fixation: Now, With More Aural!

Chris Brown won. I won’t even go into it. I’m not even going to post his pic. I’m ashamed of all of you. That Chromatics song was rad. *sad, disappointed face*

Who Would You Rather?: Footloose (2011)

When we asked you who among the cast of the new Footloose you wanted to do, well, you revealed yourselves as shameless cock whores. 45.76% of you said that you would take them all on! That’s a lot of “loose”.

Top Or Bottom: Anderson Cooper

38.4% of you feel that Anderson Cooper likes to take it in the ass, but he IS willing to switch on occasion. He definitely needs to introduce this as a topic on his so-far lame talk show.

Unlockables: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Dewitt asked you guys if you thought it was “yay/nay/ew, slut” when it came to dudes taking their sexy photos in hotel rooms. 65.84% of you said you could care less. Of course you did, did you see the cock and ass on that model?

3 thoughts on “Who The Hell Won?: Week of 10/24/11

  1. It should be noted that I forgot the “Total Bottom” option on the Anderson Cooper poll.

    Most likely, that would have been the most popular choice.

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