Celebrity Skin: Christian Bale

It’s Halloween, so what male celebrity nude scenes are more fitting than Christian Bale’s in American Psycho? If you can ignore all of the gore and his character’s horrible taste in music (Whitney, Huey), Bale looked fucking HOT in that flick. Rock-hard body and a tight muscle butt made up for an ok dick. When he was running nude after the hooker, damn if I wasn’t distracted from the terror by that ass.

Granted, using his chainsaw as a phallic symbol was sort of icky.

– J. Harvey

For shots of “Patrick Bateman” in the buff, Follow the JUMP:

1,227 thoughts on “Celebrity Skin: Christian Bale

  1. One of the GREAT American films ever, in my opinion, with so much to say and reveal about the American psyche and the superficial values of the yuppie culture it portrays.  A masterpiece.

  2. i actually thought the movie was a very pale imitation of an incredible book…. without christian it would have been a complete wash-out.    (the second, however, with mila kunis, was an ever-so-slightly campy delight. )  … oh… and omg dat ass!   it popped up in several dreams and fantasies for quite a while after…

  3. What’s so “ok” about his dick?  From the looks of that last pic, I see NOTHING wrong with his dick.  I think it’s MARVELOUS!!!!

  4. This guy IS a psycho. Given what I’ve read about his behavior toward co-workers and his own family, he does absolutely nothing for me, body aside.

  5.  Psycho =/= American Psycho.  They are two completely different movies, and have nothing in common other than that one word in the title.

  6. “made up for an ok dick”…really? A flacid dick is just a flacid dick. Guys will really huge flacid dicks dont necessarily get any bigger when hard. But many a guy with a small flicd dick can get quite huge.

  7.  A ridiculously piss-poor film (where the hell were all cops? NYC for fuck’s sake) but a superb bod as well as superb performance from Bale who, I must add, gets barefoot at the drop of a hat; check him out at barefootprovocateuse.com

  8. I love Christain Bale. I think the shape of his mouth and teeth are sexy for french kissing. I met a white Brazilian with green eyes that looked just like Christian Bale. This guy was hot and boy could he french kiss and was packing a thick piece of uncut meat. hehe

  9. This was a fantastic movie. Just wish you would not have to only mention it to talk about his body. So shallow. Just because it’s a Manhunt blog, does not mean everything has to relate to male anatomy.

  10. as a american pcycho fan, i must say bale looks hot for sure.. but the flick doesnt compare to the novel at all.. nothing to do with it..

  11. yeah — wasn’t comparing the movies – know they have nothing in common — gave the date, though, to be clear wasn’t talking about the 1998 re-make with vince vaughn, william h macy, and viggo mortensen ——

    anyway: roughly 24 hours later, i maintain: anthony perkins is hotter than christian bale

  12. seeing as the name of the post is “celebrity skin” and the whole point is an excuse to post nude-to-semi-nude pictures of celebrities… you’re really gonna pretend readers aren’t being cultured enough?  come on, man

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