Random Question: Your Most Unusual Fetish or Fantasy?

People are into some weird things! A friend of mine was recently asked to jerk off in the presence of another horny gentleman. Now, while this may sound like a perfectly normal request, this guy wanted him to shoot his load into a condom. Why? Because he wanted to freeze it and use it as lube on a later occasion.

Upon hearing this story, I quickly racked my brain for my most unusual fetish. There had to be something that would raise eyebrows or cause folks to question my sanity. “Dig deep, Dewitt!” I told myself… Then I dug and dug, until I eventually came up with the lamest response ever—businessmen in sneakers. Yes, specifically in sneakers!

It’s not that I’m not turned on by standard professional attire. I’m just oddly aroused when there’s a casual element thrown in, suggesting that the wearer works hard during the day and plays even harder by night. It’s not that freakishly bizarre, is it?

– Dewitt

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1,305 thoughts on “Random Question: Your Most Unusual Fetish or Fantasy?

  1. My fetish is to be placed in stirups and allow someone to explore and play with my hole as long as he wants. When he is finished I would then have him fist me for the first time… Once that has been done he and a bunch of his friends gang bang my hole..
    My other fetish or fantasy is to have a college Lacross team us me as a cum dump…

    OK so I am a whore but that doesnt mean I am not a nice person….

  2. my  momentary fetish is to meet Alex Marte and  to have sex with him until we both are so worn out that we sleep for  hours arm in arm and naked body to naked body and then we wake up and start all over again. damn  I  love  this fetish thing!!!!

  3. U guys aren’t digging deep enough. I met this one guy who likes to have a guy put on nylon stockings and suck them off while they are wearing them. Then it got more extreme to forcing him to suck cock then slapping him around. THEN it got way more extreme when he wanted me to take a laxative and shit in his mouth. if i could get another guy to do it he would pay us 500. I couldn’t do it and i stopped talking to him. Guys that’s an unusually gross ass fetish 

  4. My urologist is a totally hot-looking straight guy, and every year when I go to see him for my annual prostate check-up, I fantasize about him fucking the hell out of me after he loosens up my hole with his finger in his normal examination.  I always wonder about supposedly straight guys choosing that as their specialty when they go to med school in the first place.  And I always wonder if my doc knows I’m gay and secretly craves his cock.  I’m also fantasizing that he’ll read this and know who I am and maybe want to do something about it next time I see him.  I  don’t know if that sounds “sick” or not, but what the hell.

  5. I love to be gangbang fucked by guys who have bio-hazard tats right near their cock. Then they all fist me hard and punch fist me, then they all fuck me again and as they cum in me they tell me that they are shooting their toxic cum in me.

  6. My fetish isn’t so weird (I don’t think) but I’m totally in to men’s used underwear. Nothing nasty but ones that have been worn throughout the course of a normal day. Something about the combination of scents — soap, laundry softener, dick sweat, ball sweat, ass crack sweat, etc — is pretty arousing and intoxicating. I’m also fascinated by the choices men make in what they like to wear under their clothes. Don’t knock tighty-whites; some guys have the body to wear them well. 

  7. I’d love to have a food fight with a guy(s)–pies, chocolate syrup, whipped cream type stuff–then wrestle around naked in it and get our bodies totally messy and covered with goo.  Then we lick each other clean and proceed to fuck our brains out.

    I thought food play would be a somewhat common fetish, but every time it comes up on this web site or others, almost no one else seems to be interested in it and it’s hard to find gay-oriented pics or videos.

  8. I used to escort some to make ends meet and had a super-weird fetish customer once: he had me come over to his hotel, get undressed, and sit on a chair in the corner of the room. I had to sit with one leg folded beneath me so that all you could see from the front was the knee of one leg and other leg in it’s entirely. He then told me to start to get hard and to jerk off. So I did. He told me I looked like an amputee and asked me to tell him how I lost my leg. I came up with some bullshit story about being in the army and getting it blown off by a landmine and he whipped his own cock out of his pants and beat himself furiously while watching me jerk off with what looked like a stump for a leg. After he came he told me that I could stop and get dressed. Then he paid me and I left. Didn’t even have to blow my load. He called me three days later and asked if I’d come over again: same exact story. He was in town fr two weeks and we met six times. He never touched me once but had these crazy, explosive orgasms watching me and pretending I was crippled.

  9. I have no full blown “what the hell is this guy into?” fetishes, but I’m a sucker for a guy in Navy whites and I love having my hair pulled during sex – the harder the better.

  10. A good friend of mine who was a medic in the Army told me that doctors know.  When he helped with examinations and the guys were acting like they were dying  from a single finger in their ass as opposed to the guys who didn’t bat an eye.  He said that he and the doctor would exchange a “look”.  So if you want to keep the doc guessing..feign a little agony even tho it’s only ecstasy you feel ; )

  11. Something I would never actually do but do fantasize about…going to our local cruising park at 10pm, laying a sleeping bag over a picnic table…undressing..sitting out a tub of crisco and bending over that table and letting one and all take a turn until the sun comes up.

  12. totally agree with you. fetish IS NOT to be confused with fantasy. how is sleeping with alex marte – actually sleeping with him – taboo?

  13. * Cock rings wrapped around a big fat cock and balls.
    * Jock Straps
    * Work boots
    * Leather Daddies
    * Slings

    And combination of the above works for me.

  14. I want to be tied in a kneeling position with my hands behind my back and a plug in my ass. and have a group of at least a dozen guys spit, piss and mouth fuck me and cover me in their hot loads. If anyone in Western North Carolina likes this, I’m on Manhunt, send me an email

  15. I once asked him if he was sure he felt in there long enough to know what was going on, and the last time I had that exam with him, he honestly said there was something else he’d like to do to me “but I probably wouldn’t let him.”  After I got home I realized what a jerk I was for not telling him he could do whatever he wanted or asking him what he meant, and because I didn’t say anything, he didn’t either, so my fantasy has only grown stronger since then wondering what he’d like to do.

  16. I’ve participated in several bathhouse lube wrestling contests, even winning top prize in the first one. They’re hard, but a lot of fun. As for ultimate sexual fantasy that hasn’t happened yet, it’s rather tame: I want a buffed naked U. S. Marine (preferably blond) on all fours, and while I’m fucking him, his dog tags are jiggling like wind chimes in a rain storm!

  17. Oh mah gay God…………Navy whites.  ~sigh~  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Years ago my boyfriend came straight from the base in his Navy whites to pick me up at San Diego airport.  I had never seen him in his whites before and it was all I could do to wait to get to the car to get my hands on him. Memories…………  I love a man in uniform but guys in their Navy whites really do it for me.  The relationship didn’t last but thanks, Geno, for helping me to remember the good stuff. 

  18. Im into puppy play. I like wearing a collar and the puppy mask.  Im in the market for a tail now.  I like to be slapped and hit with leather and whips. Some pain, bitting, punching. it all works.

  19. My fantasy is to find a gay friendly piercing parlor who will let me do this. I want a hot guy to be giving me a blojob while sitting in the piercing chair and as soon as I blow my load, I want to have something pierced…doesnt really matter what. Now this is not an SM pain thing because I will already be cumming when it happens…I just think the combination of orgasm and piercing would be a feeling that would be hard to top. 

  20. i guess my most unusual,. is,. I sometimes like to just watch. doesn’t seem that unusual. but i have gotten pretty unusual with that fetish.

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