Whatever A “Gaybro” Is, It Sounds Hot And I Want To Fuck It

My Facebook feed blew up last week with all my gay friends linking to this article on Slate about “gaybros”.

Firstly, the definition:

Gaybros (via Urban Dictionary) – A gay man who acts masculine and is interested in guy stuff like sports, video games, military issues, grilling, knives, gear, working out, gadgets, tech, etc…

My first thought was “that’s half my gay friends.” My second thought was “he sounds hot!”

“Gaybros” started up on content aggregator Reddit, and guys who fit that definition (or think they do? Or try to?) are reportedly organizing meet-ups in various cities. The article (which some of my pals were bitching about being divisive and anti-effeminate guys and others were identifying with) has caused a lot of discussion all over the queer areas of the net.

What does your Manhunt Daily blogger think about the “gaybros” phenomenon.

I am not a “gaybro” but I would totally get with one in a naked manner. I don’t care if it’s divisive. I think dudes should form as many clubs as they want. Finding a place where you feel like you fit in is fantastic. Just don’t be a cunt about it.

I LLLOOOVVEEE butch guys. Guys who play rugby, know football stats, are dumb (yeah, I typed that), and have tribal tattoos or ones featuring the Fighting Irish leprechaun.

This “gaybros” concept (whether it’s an actual thing or just the gay media blowing things out of proportion to create “trends” to report on) is fantastic for one reason.

It groups all of these masculine dudes in one place for you to jump on. Yes, I would be a “gaybro” groupie. I might be able to recite lines from The Golden Girls on command, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t fuck you or get fucked by you with a raging ferocity. And yeah, you can bottom with a raging ferocity if you’ve got the moves.

So, keep the “gaybros” coming. I can talk cars, and make you feel like you’re the butchest bitch since Vin Diesel.  If that’s what makes you more comfortable…and easier to do.

The following are what you get when you put “gaybros” in Google Images. Heh.

Supposedly these are the first “gaybros.” Ok.


Is that a steak? *eye-roll*
Now THAT’S what “gaybros” should be all about…
Josh Hutcherson would actually be a really good “gaybro” if he was gay and not looking like he’s 10 in this meme.
If we’re taking “gaybros” literally…(the two on the right, at least.)



Two young men in bar
I’m not feeling these two as “gaybros.” See? IT IS DIVISIVE!
Three men watching television. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.
I’d suck the cocks on these two so fucking fast. It would be like the cum was teleported out of their balls.




17 thoughts on “Whatever A “Gaybro” Is, It Sounds Hot And I Want To Fuck It

  1. I can’t believe MH is perpetuating the stereotype of all gays being effeminant. The so-called definition of gaybros even formalizes the stereotype by saying “a gay man who ‘ACTS’ masculine.” I’ve been around the block, A LOT, and 98.9% of the gay men I have rolled in the hay with WERE masculine. Most of us admire masculinity and enjoy the company as well as cumpany of other masculine men. How many porn movies have you seen that feature effeminate types?? Most are muscled, masculine, hairy, bearded studs that love sucking cock and getting fucked, etc. Puhhleeeze quit with the limp-wristed stereotypes and face up to it. The married masculine guy next door loves homosexual sex.

  2. Did we read the same blog? I’m pretty sure they’re not saying that gay men have to be effeminate… In fact I’m fairly confident that what this blog is saying is that it doesn’t really matter what the fuck you are; be effete, be butch, be somewhere in-between, be something else entirely, “just don’t be a cunt about it.” Gender is a socially-constructed identity. Just because we’re men doesn’t me we have to be masculine, and just case we’re gay doesn’t me we have to feminine. And if you are it doesn’t fucking matter. Being masculine doesn’t make you less gay and being feminine doesn’t make you less of a man. This blog actually spends more time discussing how J Harvey(?) would fuck a “gaybro.” Fucking shit people, really!

  3. That sub on reddit isn’t even what it claims to be, it’s full of effeminate homosexuals wanting to be something they’re not. Just read through all the threads on there and you’ll realize it’s a farce.

  4. I agree with everything in the comments of Yalc here and based on my own life experience: quit with the limp-wristed stereotypes and face up to it. The married masculine guy next door loves homosexual sex…..and most of the one I know want to bottom (for a line of other guys).

  5. So video games, gadgets, and tech are hallmarks of masculinity now?

    I guess next time I see some “masc only” guy on grindr, I’ll be able to seduce him by talking about Unreal Engine 4.

  6. Ugh. Not into gaybros at all. I mean – sometimes I like to have inspiring conversation – go figure.

  7. There’s been a lot of crap given to those who are identifying themselves as “gaybros.” At what point did we say “effeminate guys are horrible”? Never (well some d-bags may have but if it’s said on the reddit, they get their asses handed to them by everyone else) It’s those that don’t like the concept because they don’t feel they belong in it or have anything to contribute that are being so critical. Why? Because we’re acting “normal” and perpetuating the “normal misconception” and that’s bad for fem like guys? Because we aren’t fitting their STEREOTYPE of what a gay guy SHOULD BE? You know what’s normal? Being yourself. I want a guy that will watch a baseball, hockey or NCAA March Madness game with me and then do me hard in the bedroom. My sexuality defines who turns me on and NOTHING FURTHER THAN THAT! Also, we’re using Urban Dictionary for definitions?

  8. Hmmm im a little confused, but let me take a shot at this. im Gay, most of my friends BUDDS..are str8 and ye we all work out and have fun, cut up , enjoy life and each others company just as we are..now some of these guys are extremely masculine and some are somewhat fem and yet they are str8 and i do enjoy all of my str8 budds, and yes have messaged each other when hurting oh well. but seriously do we allways have to categorize everything? I love all my friends no matter what. Isnt the idea, the utopia, to love and respect each other in harmony…:>)

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