Weekly Top Ten: Why Isn’t Adele Winning This?

We don’t mean any disrespect to Pink, Cher or the variety of talented vocalists on our Weekly Top Ten countdown. But, um, how is it possible that Adele isn’t the number one song? It’s almost as if you guys haven’t even listened to “Rolling In The Deep”! This is easily one of the best pop performances of the year…

Alas, we have no control over these matters! She’s in fifth place, and we’ll just have to deal with it. Meanwhile, you’ll have to cope with saying goodbye to Natasha Bedingfield, Edward Maya, T.I. and Michael Jackson. They didn’t receive enough votes to stay on the charts, so we had to send them to the scrap heap along with Wild Card rejects Deadmau5, PJ Harvey and Lil Wayne.

So how does this all work? If you’re a Weekly Top Ten virgin, stick your face in Logan Scott‘s hairy butt while I explain the rules to you. Each week you’ll be presented with ten songs. You get to vote for up to three that you’d like to see move on to the next week. From those results, we’ll take the five tunes with the highest percentages, a song we save and four other contributions. These selections will make up the following week’s charts.

Wishing there was a “none of the above” option? Well, quit your bitching and tell us what you want to see on the charts by leaving a suggestion in the comments. We listen to nearly every song you recommend, and if we think it’ll have a chance… you might see it here next time around!

– Dewitt

To check out the charts and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

  1. Pink – Raise Your Glass (LW – 1, W12): Whoa, has it really been twelve weeks since this song debuted on the charts? Pink’s spent more than half of the time in the number one position, and it looks like she may go out with a bang. Then again, you never know what could happen!
  2. Katy Brand – Firework (LW – 2, W3): Does anyone else want to see The Tempest? Katy’s husband is in it! Not that I’d be going to see it for him. I mean, Helen Mirren is just so fucking fantastic. If you’re wondering why I’m talking about this instead of “Firework”, it’s because I’m really trying to be nice…
  3. Cher – You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me (LW – 4, W5): We were pleasantly surprised to see this tune among the Golden Globe nominees for “Best Original Song”. Technically, the award would go to songwriter Diane Warren instead of Cher, but we’d still consider it a victory for this living legend.
  4. Glee Cast – Teenage Dream (LW – 3, W6): Darren Criss may have dominated Max Adler in our recent Who Would You Rather poll, but he’s slipping down a spot on this week’s countdown. Now if you’ll excuse us for a moment, we’re going to masturbate to the thought of Darren Criss literally dominating Max Adler…
  5. Adele – Rolling In The Deep (LW – 7, W2): We suppose you already know our feelings on this song, eh? Let’s hope the Adele fans band together and get this to the top. At the very least, it should be higher than an acappella version of “Teenage Dream”. Not that we’re judging or anything.
  6. Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World) (LW – 5, W15): If you’re wondering why Rihanna isn’t in the poll below, it’s because her song has outlived its fifteen weeks on the countdown. This was largely a symbolic “save”, since we have a soft spot for this Bajan pop princess.
  7. Enrique Iglesias f/ Ludacris – Tonight (I’m Fuckin’ You) (DEBUT): It’s Enrique Iglesias. And he’s singing about sticking his penis in you. Do we really need to spell it out for you? We’re thinking “no”.
  8. Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude (DEBUT): With songwriting credits for Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, we’re surprised by this chick’s style. She’s like some weird mash-up of Pink’s bad-ass attitude and Nicki Minaj’s wacky faces. Except she doesn’t sound like either of them. Because she’s British. Thoughts?
  9. Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (DEBUT): Out of all the disturbing sights in the new Scissor Sisters video, is it wrong that we were most scared of the random clown? Whatever the case may be, we’re still digging this track, and the spoken-word segment by Ian McKellen will never get old.
  10. Jason Aldean f/ Kelly Clarkson – Don’t You Wanna Stay (WILD CARD): There were less than two-hundred votes in this week’s Wild Card round, which is pretty pathetic in comparison to previous rounds. Jason Aldean may not make it onto next week’s countdown, but at least it’s nice to see a country song on here?

27 thoughts on “Weekly Top Ten: Why Isn’t Adele Winning This?

  1. Jessie J is amazing. I also voted for Adele and Cher. For next week I suggest Hurricane by 30 Seconds To Mars. Very long clip, sexually explicit, but interesting concept.

  2. Rolling In Deep is average at best. The music video is very interesting, though.

    Voted for P!nk, Katy, and Enrique.

    It’s unfortunate. Kelly’s vocals are amazing in Don’t You Wanna Stay but it’s not enough of her. =( She has such a powerful voice kinda like Christina. Wish they’d put it to use.

  3. Wow, checked out Jessie J. She is reallllllly good. Love the voice. That might not be the best song to showcase her voice however. The acoustic version is stellar and so is the song “Price Tag”. Worth checking out on YouTube.

  4. I’m with Rob. Adele does have an awesome voice, but out of it’s sweet spot where she can really belt the notes, she just sounds nice and average. I’m probably not explaining it very well, but I think she has a ton of depth and a great tone to her vocals, but not a lot of range or emotion. So I didn’t vote for her again. I went with P!nk, Cher, and Jason & Kelly- not a GREAT song, but I like that it’s different than most other music on here.

  5. Look, I’m not saying Adele’s track isn’t the best of a bad bunch, but I just want to highlight the fact that you don;t promote her and she flounders… then you add her to a headline and she tops the charts.

    Kind of makes this chart seem more like a piece of shit where the bloggers have more control over the result than the blogees.

  6. I think “what’s my name” by rihanna deserves another shot.

    It was put on the countdown way to fast before radio started playing it and before there was a video.

    I think this song grew on everyone. Peeps were skeptical at 1st cuz of the drake part at the beginning, but it is an amazing song that has shot to #1 in 12 countries!

    I think there is new found love for Rihanna and this song deserves one more chance on here.

  7. I agree with Nathan’s comment about “What’s My Name”. I dont think it was given a fair chance on here – it was put on wayyyyyy to early.

    And I agree with everyone else. The moderators should just list the songs and the rank. None of their bullshit commentary that sways voters!

    Give that a try for a couple weeks and see what happens.

  8. I find it hilarious that not one person has mentioned Rolling in the Deep in a positive light yet it somehow leads in 20%. To be quite honest, I would not even have heard of this piece if it wasn’t posted here.

    Dewitt, who are you trying to fool honestly?

  9. I honestly think this poll is rigged. If the moderator doesnt get more than 1 vote (which I think he does), then his bias comments persuade people.

    What about:
    “Forgiveness” by Sarah McLachlan
    “Grace” by Bran Van 3000
    and I also fully support “What’s my Name” by Rihannna making a comeback.


    Take the top 5 songs from the reg countdown and the top 5 songs from this wildcard round and make a super countdown for the holidays. No debuts or anything. Just the top 5 from here and the top 5 from wildcard for next week’s top 10.

  11. Amazing Idea Ian!!!!!!!!!! That would be excellent. They should combine the countdowns – top 5 from each. Top 5 1st from the reg countdown based on % – no saving songs. Then add to that the top 5 from the wildcard based on %.

    C’mon Dewitt – that is a fantastic idea!

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