Daren Kagasoff For VMAN

Daren Kagasoff,HediSlimane, VMAN

You may or may have heard of Daren Kagasoff, but after these pictures from VMAN magazine I bet you'll at least remember his bulge… whatever that's worth. For those of you who don't know him, he plays the bad boy on the obnoxiously titled The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, a teen soap.

I've never seen the show but if it ever involves Daren in his underwear (I highly doubt it) I'll have to start tuning in. Despite playing a teenager, Daren in actually 22 and quite the young stud!

I love a man who can fill in his Calvin Klein undies, now if we could only get rid of them…

– Andy

Photo Credit: Heidi Slimane

For more shots, follow the JUMP:

Daren Kagasoff,HediSlimane, VMAN

Daren Kagasoff,HediSlimane, VMAN

Daren Kagasoff,HediSlimane, VMAN

16 thoughts on “Daren Kagasoff For VMAN

  1. The photos of him, cigarette in hand on Heidi’s website are stunning. I wish you had used some of those.

  2. Why is I am not shocked that he got the role of a bad boy seems like perfect casting 2 me.. BTW love the whole bad boy image !!!

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