Unlockables: What’s Ivan’s Best Angle?

The best type of profile picture is able to showcase all of your best assets. That’s the lesson we learned from last week‘s edition of Unlockables. Nearly half of Carter‘s votes went to a shot where you can see his cute smile and the curve of his butt cheeks. Sexy but with a bit of personality! Check out the full results here.

Or you can just redirect your attention to today’s subject. This tattooed lad goes by the name of Ivan Rivera. Let’s pretend for a moment that he presented you with the following six pictures and asked you to help choose his main profile picture. Which of these shots would you recommend that he use? More importantly, which of these shots would entice you to click through to his profile?

Last but not least, if you want help choosing the best pic for your Manhunt profile, feel free to send in your own pics! We’ll throw the amateur porn guys aside and let fellow readers vote on your best angle. All you need to do is send us an e-mail with four to six images, along with the word “Unlockables” in the subject line.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: BentleyRace

To check out Ivan’s pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:







30 thoughts on “Unlockables: What’s Ivan’s Best Angle?

  1. NO POLL
    I can’t vote and tell everyone that Pic #1 makes me go crazy ( I guess I just did that)

  2. What is this new trend with full chest tattoos? It is really not sexy and I can think about is ten years from now when their chests start to change and they look like silly putty.

  3. i like #3 best.

    i see that you prevented the problem of smart alecks (like me) saying “well, i actually prefer the pre-jump picture used, out of all the others” by just cropping down #3.

    wise move.

  4. Definitely either 3 bcuz of those beautiful blue eyes or 5 bcuz of that wonderful fuck face he’s making!!!

  5. 2 is his best asset but other than that I am not attractive 2 & the addias socks r a major TURN OFF !

  6. Pic 2 or 3. 2 gets me going b/c I can easily imagine playing all over that fine ass and I tend to top. But 3 is more intimate.

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