Gay Ass Gossip: Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Royal Wedding Edition

ITEM – Alex Pettyfer is the Miss Manners of beej etiquette. In the latest issue of VMAN magazine, the I Am Number Four actor reveals that he has a tattoo right above his junk that reads “thank you.” His reasoning? “In case I forget to say it.” That’s considerate. Nothing worse than swallowing a load, and the dude just towels off and heads for the fridge. This way he’s covered and doesn’t have to call you the next day.

– J. Harvey

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ITEM – Meet Gary (aka “Gaz”) from MTV’s upcoming UK version of Jersey Shore, called Geordie Shore. Why was this not contained before it spread? Among the British counterparts of America’s most beloved gorillas, Gary stands out because he claims to have a dick the size of “a TV remote control.” I hope this yob doesn’t mean AppleTV because my controller for that is a little on the teensy side.  We need to see the evidence. Check out the trailer for Geordie Shore below. It looks like two of those tangelo-looking bitches are going to have to fight for the title of “The Snooki.” To the death *hopeful*?

ITEM –Jakey G, where’s your mop at? Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal shorn bald for his role as a cop in the upcoming End Of Watch surfaced this week. I think he looked hotter with that look in Jarhead. Nevertheless, the boy could be covered in raw sewage, and I’d still hold my nose and get after that. No, I’m not some kind of scat queen. I’m just pointing out his sexy. Jeez. Perv.

10 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Royal Wedding Edition

  1. Someone tell Gary that you arent supposed to measure from the bottom of the balls to the tip.

    Jake is soooo hot, he was here in austin a couple of days ago and hes gorgeous in person!

  2. On the Alex’s article, his tatoo says “Alex” in Japanese. It’s his name in Jap, that’s all.

  3. I don’t understand how Dianna Agron could date such a tool, even if he is hot. She seems like such an awesome grounded chick. I hope that was just a media ploy now.

  4. Alex Pettyfer wouldn’t have to say thank you… he wouldn’t have to speak at all… unless he wanted to talk dirty to me..

  5. Why do you refer to a person’s genitals as “junk?” Junk is trash, garbage, something undesirable.

  6. Well…they say that a picture will say it all…FUNNY! But, I like the personal touch! lol

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