Unlockables: Use Your Own Pics

Although this photo tip may seem like a given, there are some men out there who have absolutely no common sense. Just the other day on Manhunt, I sent a message to what I thought was a ridiculously hot guy. This was his reply: “You’re really hot but I should be honest… I’m very discreet so the pics aren’t mine. Give me an e-mail and I’ll send some over.”

Since he at least knew the difference between “your” and “you’re”, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the pictures he sent over didn’t push my buttons in the right way. I mean, come on! If you’re going to use fake pictures (not that you should), you could at least choose someone who bears some resemblance to you.

That’s not even the worse of offenses. I’ve heard many tales of guys who’ve met face-to-face with someone who used fake pictures. It completely baffles me that a lie could be taken that far. As if they won’t notice you’re a fake when you’re standing right in front of them, looking like a hot mess!

– Dewitt

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391 thoughts on “Unlockables: Use Your Own Pics

  1. Alternatively, I’ve met guys who looked very different from they did in the photos. When they proposed they we should move on to the next level or something, I just played dumb and never contacted them again. In addition to Dewitt’s point, I think we are better off choosing some pictures where one bears a resemblance to what one looks like in person.

  2. I once had a guy message me saying ‘you’re hot..let’s hook up sometime’. His profile pictures looked good and I vaguely remember messaging before so I said ‘why not’. Asked if he had any more and he sent a few to me. I couldn’t believe it….they were my nude pics he was passing off as himself. Not only that but he’d obviously forgotten that he must have gotten them from ME previously.

  3. Don’t use faxe pix nor do I hook up with guys who do…as for Joey in the above pix I’ll take him anytime…Good looking guy..and yeah, sexxxy

  4. Yea there is nothing more annoying than going through the processes with a guy, to finally agree to meet only to find it’s not him in the pictures he provided. Then it gets me when they expect to go to the next level. NO I don’t think so, if you lied about your pics what else are you denying??

    Thanks guys and Happy Hunting!

  5. so you’re “really hot,” huh, DeWitt?

    you’re making me more and more curious to see who you are!

  6. I once found someone using my pictures. I suppose it could be taken as the ultimate compliment – someone liking the look of me so much they wanted to be me.

  7. And yes guys use pics that are more than 10yrs old!!! I have had that happen more than once or twice and these guys no longer resembled anything like their pics. At the very least the pics should be 5 yrs old or less, but really they should be replaced every year or every other year.

  8. There is nothing I hate more than when a guy uses a pic of himself that was taken several years ago. Even if it’s just been three years, you do NOT look as good as you did three years ago (especially if you’re weren’t that young to begin with) and it is so obvious that you look older now when we meet in person. Frankly I think manhunt profiles should start saying when each picture was uploaded (like on facebook).

  9. What I have a problem with is when a guy does not use any pics at all. They tell me they will email me the pics. I have told them that it puts me at a huge disadvantage. They can see me and obviously like me but if they send pics and I am not interested then I feel like the bad guy and have to let him down. It is not fair so I automatically reject guys without pics and tell them why.

  10. I once had a guy send me a picture of a porn star. When I replied, “Oh my God, I love your movies, I didn’t know you lived here.” He never responded back.

  11. I completely agree with Bob. If you don’t have a pic in 2010, then something is really wrong.

    I had a friend meet a guy over the internet and it took some great persuading for him to go through with it. He is incredibly shy and has trouble meeting guys at the bars. When he met the internet guy in person, not only was his pic fake…it was of a different race. The guy said that gay men are too racist to meet him because he is black, so he had been using a fake pic of a white guy to try and meet men. ?!? What a mess!!!

  12. My version of it is to keep my pictures G-rated. This is a representation for the sake of introductions, not a free porn shop. Most of the time, if a guy has a picture of a dick, I figure that’s both what he is, and all he’s about.

  13. it baffles me that guys do this. and that so many guys use fake pics. its as if they are living in some kind of denial world and truly believe that even though your profile describes what type you are looking for and they dont match, you are going to suddenly go for them anyway. it shows immaturity at its highest level. come on grow up guys. if your not what the profile describes the person is looking for then dont bother messaging him!

  14. There’s a guy I’ve chatted with here on MH who uses a profile pic that’s about 15 years old. He looked good then. His recent pics look … well … 15 years older, lol. There’s a big difference between 35 and 50. I don’t get it? What makes guys think there’s some advantage to pretending to be something you can’t hide in the end?

  15. I once meet with a guy who put a pic of a rap singer up as himself. I am not into rap and didn’t know the rap artict was. Plus it was a pic of just his back anyways. I sure was suprise when I meet up with this person. It sure didn’t go very far.

  16. I had a guy send me his pics. High school year book pics. So i wasn’t interested in him. Way too young for me. I like em my age or older. Anyways so we lost contact with each other for about 6 months. Then I ran into him at the bar. He introduced himself. OH LORD!! His pics were from 20 years ago. He was at least 150 lbs heavier and balding. So I called him out on it. Asked him why he was sending such old pics of himself out. He says cause he wants people to see how hot he use to be!!!

  17. i did not know so many guys use someone else’s pic instead of their own… but as far as BILL’s concern: some men don’t drink and don’t go to bars/clubs/etc… so the main meeting place is on hookup sites like this one,,,,also not placing some pics on a site is understandable if you know the backgroud, for example, working at a church or grade school where you don’t want the whole world to see that you are on a gay site

  18. My profession is in the Christian realm. However, I have a picture of myself posted. Recent. I figure if someone else is on here and recognizes me, what can they say?
    I had a dude hit me up on here. Had a great pic! Told me he was 34. We talked for a month. I finally told him I would meet. He showed up at my door. 56 years old. Bald (not that there is anything wrong with that), overweight, married (said he was single) and NOTHING like he had said he was. I was too nice and let him in. He tried to get in my pants. I said no way! He got ready to leave, told me next time he came over he wanted me naked when he got there… NEXT TIME?!?? That was it! I let him have it! Told him what kind of person he was and to never bother me again!
    My question is, what do they think will happen??? Are they so stupid to think that you’ll be so dumb you won’t notice the difference?!?
    Hmmmm. Just had a thought! Was stood up last nite by someone I met on.. well.. it got deleted last time I mentioned the app’s name.. Anyway! Wonder if he was not what his profile showed and said! UGH! Guys can be such pigs!

  19. I had been talking to a guy a MH that was using a fake pic of a friend of his from another country but just before we hooked up he felt guilty and fessed up about the fake pix…he was using them to spy on an ex that may have been cheating on him…I made him email me some real ones before we met and he was actually a good looking guy…we ended up hooking up and now he actually uses his real pix now.

  20. Count me in as a fraud victim. Someone used a picture of his brother-in-law to get my attention, and when we met (thankfully on neutral territory), I let that 300-plus pound fattie have it by giving him the third degree. His thinking was that if he could get his foot in the door, he might have a chance. Fat chance.

    I was also informed by one of my online buddies that someone was using my pics for their profile, so I wrote to the website’s administrator about the misuse. No reply. Welcome to the cyberage.

  21. I’ve encountered this situation myself of someone using false photos. It shows a lack of awareness in the extreme when people then take it a step further and try to meet in person. It’s delusional… like when someone puts on a superman costume, and climbs to the top of a skyscraper thinking he can fly.
    Apparently really delusional people don’t hide it any better in society, so they try to go online as a last resort.
    On the other hand, there are truely people so picky, and narcisistic that no matter what picture someone sent them, they would be disapointed in person unless the guy looked like a porn star. So, this situation can be caused in more than one way.

  22. that’s why some Manhunters don’t post online pictures at all. for those reasons either they live in a small community or work in a sensitive career or to have their pix jacked. besides some people will use this site to harass those who do post (to see who’s on here) even if it’s illegal to do so. some Manhunters don’t have the luxury to be in 2010 like some here. it’s still 1955 where they’re from. I have met up with MH’ers with and without Pix, and found those W/O pix were the most honest, no laugh.

  23. Then again, these impostors will use these fake pics as a lure in the hopes that you will unlock your private pics so they can extract them for their personal use…ie a website of collected pics from chatroom sites. And although MH has a script to prevent right-clicking and saving the image to one’s desktop (a false sense of security indeed), one only need use a certain key on their keyboard to snapshot the image.

  24. I can empathize with those that have had their pictures misrepresented as someone else. It happened to me, but these were pictures I never even posted anywhere online. So, someone got into my pc and stole them. Also, met someone that in their picture looked a couple yrs younger than myself at the time and about my size and build which I weigh about 130. So, he said he wore the same size pants as I did, well….when I went to meet him, something kept telling me, leave…I didn’t listen and when I spotted him from a distance, I tried to dart out of there, simply because he lied. Well, we sat for coffee, and he noticed I was being cold, so he asked me to lay it all on the table, well he didn’t like what I had to say, but I was pissed so didn’t care…never heard from him again. Also, what’s up with people describing themselves as muscular, when there isn’t an ounce of muscle visible on their body anywhere?

  25. Interesting stories guys. Not sure why guys would use fake pictures, if you plan on meeting up with a guy then he’s obviously going to figure out. And honestly word spreads fast within the gay community, so people are definately going to warn their friends about you.

    you have to look at the reason why you’re not using your own pictures:

    if you’re playing it ultra “discreet” then maybe online hookups aren’t for you, maybe you should stick to the sex shops. men are very visual creatures so you can describe yourself all you want, but eventually you’re going to have to put up or shut up in the form of a picture…

    if you’re insecure about your body then join a gym…

    if you find yourself unattractive then either try and play down your defects in pictures or get plastic surgery…

  26. I have pics form a year around, does that makes my pics fake?? XD

    Sum guys don’t have MH official acount, so I let them go to my Facebook to see how I am. But my experience has been kind otherwise.

    I’m 23, but first of all I’m hairy and have beard, so it makes me look a lil’ bit older. So I needed to put on my MH account that people should stop pissing me off or moking about it, becuz many guys just IM me to tell me: “Dude, don’t lie about your age, you are like 30 or sumthing, what disnity do you have?? You liar” and sort of those things.

    I do get mad if I find sumone with fake pics, but I don’t judge right away but until I meet the guy (and actually see if his pics are fake or not) becuz in my experience, people can get and does get very wrong very often. My MH Inbox was a persisting proof of that.

  27. Well, I just realized my pics are about four years old, and my friends keep on telling me i need to get new ones! I tend to like guys who are older, so current pics with a few grey hairs and wrinkles are a plus in my book.

    I can respect the whole privacy issue, but come on! It’s not like you can’t crop off part or all of your face to keep from being identified. Or wear sunglasses and a baseball cap pulled low. My answer to the issue is I use one site for dick pics, and another site with face pics. i just tell guys to check them out for themselves.

    Oh, one last thing…about ten years ago as a joke I pasted my head on some porn star bodies. All of the pics were of a different porn star…including one who wasn’t even my race! I did a really bad job of pasting my face in on purpose to see if people would get the joke or not. I like smart guys with a sense of humor, and this was a real simple test to see who was worth talking to!

  28. I have had both happen to me. I had someone use my pictures while talking to a friend of mine. So my friend told me about it and Gave me their screen name and I imed them and went off. Then I had someone use pictures of one of my friends and say that they were theirs. I was like umm no. I know him in person so that is not you.

  29. I use my own pics and they must be revolting cause people stop talking to me or block me after they see them, so I understand the urge to use fakes but that doesn’t really get anyone anywhere in the long run.


  31. Easier as a man to NOT have pix up (no stolen pix) and just meet. If you like ‘im, them you fuck. If not move on. Simple guys. Even a man can do it.

  32. Oh it gets worse.

    So when I went to a new university there was a cute guy I talked with online and on the phone, then when I got to the new city I got an email, supposedly from his brother, claiming he’d been hit by a car while riding his bike, and actually passed after being in a coma.

    So imagine my suprise when a couple of my other friends received emails ‘posthumously’ from this guy months later.

    I managed to track him down online and confront him and he made up some BS about how he has testicular cancer and is bald from chemo so he didn’t want anyone to see him.

    I mean good lord, how far are people willing to go?

  33. I once agree 2 meet someone at Starbucks 4 coffee and when he arrived I was completely shocked not only was he older and about 30 lbs heavier with a receding hairline & I ( like Tam ) remained respectful we talked & laughed and had a nice time but I could not get past the fake pictures & we never touched bases again …….

  34. the guy in the pics is very hot, but what’s with the shaved pits?!? if you’re a body builder and are about to compete, then it’s understandable….otherwise, NO!

  35. Yes, I’ve had my photo’s used before by another, and been lied to by a couple of guys about their looks and age. After a while, you can’t really get upset by it anymore. Just understand thats its a seedy side of the online hook- up scene, and deal w/ it!

    BTW…The guy in the photo’s…So damn hot! Small cock, but not hatin’ in the slightest…SUPER SEXY!!!

  36. Last year I was hit up by a guy with great pics. After a few emails, he told me a long story about how he had herpes, used to infect other guys without telling them, but learned his lesson with his bf left him. He went into great detail, giving his name and his bf’s name. Then when I reply to this message, he suddenly went off on me, insulting me horribly.

    A few weeks later, I chatted with someone else and discovered that this guy had done the same thing to him as well. And he did it to a third guy I talked to. Even told his story to the editor of a local gay publication Then a buddy of mine recognized this guy as someone he knew from a softball league, down to the names involved. But my buddy knew that this was way out of character for him.

    Turns out that this guy had stolen pics from someone he was pissed off at and was using them to slander the guy by telling this really sordid story to everyone he was chatting with, and then freaking out to make the guy look like a total lunatic.

  37. I hate fakers,
    i’ve had too many of them before,
    and i’ve learned to be very cautious and evem still its sort of nerve racking thinking that your talking to a nice guy/hot guy/whatever and he turns out to be a fake and everything you didn’t expect him to be.
    Just terrible.

  38. Thank you Dewitt for mention the “your-you’re” issue- that wins soo many points in my books- i don’t know why but i feel like a person is so much more worth talking to when they get that right!!! Hahaha.

    Potblessed: I think i am soon to feel your pain- someone recently told me i look 25 and i turn 21 this week… has always happened- at 13 i was being mistaken for 16. My laugh lines are already crows feet, so eventually i reckon i’m going to get mocked and accused of using old or fake pictures.

    At the moment my main picture doesn’t look much like me really- i shaved my head for charity 4 months ago and that photo is a really good shot of me… and i can’t bring myself to change it for a more recent one with hair!! I used it cause my friend told me i’d get way more tracks and messages if i used it… HE WAS RIGHT!! What’s more is it attracts the kind of guy i am attrracted to. I guess it’s sneaky but i plan on shaving my head every summer now so is it really that underhanded?

    Also Beercan, i love putting funny things on my profile just to see who reacts with a joke (they being the guys i’d want to talk to) and those who just bitch about how this is a place for sex and i shouldn’t try to be funny (the ones i don’t want to talk to).

  39. Hey Milwaukee area men…READ THIS COLUMN! I am SO TIRED of the guys with one pic (obviously not of themselves), or worse yet, NO PIC (“Let’s play the email game!”) I have better luck meeting REAL guys from Chicago than in Milwaukee!

  40. Read this and it reminded me of another guy. He had an entire fake profile with a pic of a hot guy and said he was half his age. When I tried to meet up with this guy, he first gave me a fake address that when I showed up, was an empty apartment. Later he tried to meet up again, but insisted that I meet at this other guy’s house. He wanted to “Catch” us together. This guy was totally not my type. Couldn’t believe someone would go to such lengths to try and get laid.

  41. While I agree with most written -and like the meet in neutral zone – I’ve had to be completely “real” with someone that sent me a pic of themselves 10 years younger – when they arrived at my home for a night of passion filled fun – I politely went to my computer pulled up his picture and said ” When you look like this, You can come back” – he was stunned and even attempted to guilt me into letting him stay by telling me how far he traveled to get to my home I just looked at him and said Time travel is still not possible that I know of – Good Night!

  42. Using fake pics is so annoying and really unfair…but I get why some guys do it. We could probably all be more confident and loving towards ourselves…right? Anyway, that sounds like a perfect “email list building scam”. If they have other pics that they can “only email to you” then they can hide those easy enough and unlock them for you. I’ve ended up on several lists that propogate to seemingly endless other lists. Watch out men, scams are everywhere!

  43. Totally love this article! And it seems the guys with fake pics, 20yr old pics, or no pics at all; are the most pushy. I have had a couple of guys get mad when I at least ask for a face pic before I unlock. Once had a guy tell me he’s so discreet that he just couldn’t. When I told him I wouldn’t unlock my pics he said, ” I was like most gay guys!” I guess he was trying to say I am shallow, judgemental, and only go on looks. Well, if I’m gonna meet a guy off line, he better be worth it. (being he better be cute) Also, love the writer’s comment about giving a guy a chance because he knew the difference between “your” & “you’re” lol Get schooled boys!

  44. I like all the points here, but my main reason for commenting was to say that guy in the pictures has THE best ass I’ve seen in a while, holy shit he’s hott!

  45. I once trekked all the way across London on the last train to meet a guy who turned out to have used fake photos. I calmly and coolly tore strips off him, and by the time he was curled up in a foetal position on is bed, I left. Then just last week in LA I went out to Santa Monica – waited TWO HOURS for a guy who then came to meet me and was someone totally different. “I’m sorry that your face looks like a cross between a woman and a toad, but that doesn’t justify deception and time-wasting”.

  46. This ranks right up there with the “Unlock,” problems. Person asks you to unlock and I reply sure when you do. Then they say, “well I don’t unlock first,” well then don’t freaking ask me to unlock, or the totally stupid “you said hello to me so you have to unlock first.”

  47. I was in a relationship for the past 2 years and shortly after coming back onto this site after the breakup a guy who said he went to my college messaged me. He swore up and down the photo was him, which I questioned because I had never seen him on campus and he claimed to be in the building I was in 95% of the time (The kids in my major kinda stuck together and we knew basically everyone in the departments building either by face or name).

    After about 6 hours of talking he said he needed to confess something to me. Gave me his REAL real name to look up on facebook. Turns out the guy in the photos wasn’t him and there was a 70lb difference. Then he has the balls to ask me “are you mad that I lied?”

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