Have You Ever: Participated In A Circle Jerk?

We’re not sure if this one will be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, but porn studio Bel Ami has just coordinated what they’re calling “the largest circle jerk ever”. The scene will finally make its debut this weekend, with a combined total of twenty-seven models. That adds up to about eighteen feet of cock. Pretty impressive!

While we should really get to the actual point of this post, I should also mention that the scene includes site favorites such as Ariel Vanean, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Dolph Lambert, Brandon Manilow, and those twins we’ve mentioned a few times on here.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about circle jerks. Have you ever participated in one? You may be surprised to learn that I’ve never had such an experience. This mostly has to do with my inability to watch another man jerking off without wanting to put his dick in my mouth, but I’m open to the idea of it all…

Since I have no saucy stories to tell, it’s up to you to provide all the masturbation fodder. Be sure to tell us all the details! Did you do it with a bunch of your frat brothers? The rest of the football team? Whatever the case may be, we want to hear about it!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bel Ami Online

To see some photos from this circle jerk, follow the JUMP:

85 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Participated In A Circle Jerk?

  1. HOLY SHIT! That’s a lot of fucking cock! WOW…

    To answer your question though… yeah, a few!

  2. Yep. Ain’t all that. I can watch a porno and jack off and get the same affect. Prefer having sex.

  3. Local wooded cruising area that I used to frequent was always busy on the weekend. As I was trolling around I saw two guys up on a hill. As I approached I saw that they were jerking each other off so I joined them and then three other guys drifted into the circle from various pathways on the hill. I wish I could say that they were all hot but I would be lying. A few of the guys are men I would go to bed with but I only focused on one or two of the guys to help me get off. There is an added rush because at any moment one of the Rangers or State Police can come along on horseback or on foot. So, you have to be quick. To be in a circle jerk of six guys was an added thrill. I came partly because of the excitement of being exposed and from watching guys jack. I don’t go there any more as the patrols have actually become devious and they use entrapment. I would rather cruise Manhunt.

  4. When I was in High school, a few of the guys from my football team and I were at a party at a house of a friend of ours that lived in a neighboring (and football rivals) town. We were all drinking and decided to play the cracker game where you circle jerk onto crackers and the first one to cum has to eat the crackers after everyone else has cum on them. Though I wouldn’t have minded being the loser of the game, I was not the first to cum and actually our rival teams co-captain was – it was a sweet victory to watch that straight boy asshole eat the crackers which his fellow team-mates made him eat.

  5. “That sure is a whole lot of…white guys.”

    Almost exactly what I thought. A lot of strangely hairless white guys.

  6. yea, nothing but chicks with dicks and not a very big turnon – i want to see men who look like men and not shaved like girlie girls – what a waste of time

  7. LOL @ Tom and WB…

    I live just outside of Palm Springs and about a month ago I went to one of the clothing optional resorts…nickname of AW…after a video company…

    Anyway it was pretty busy and I wanted a chaise lounge by a pool to get some sun “really”…I rarely play at the resorts because I’m neg and there is a lot of unsafe play…anyway.

    I’m laying there getting some sun and hear something and look up and there is a guy with a huge cock sitting on a chair and another guy at his feet deep throating him.

    I looked around the pool, most of the guys were sunning naked, (like me), and there were some bones coming to life. A couple of the guys were kind of pulling on their cocks but not really stroking.

    The guy getting head shot his load down the other guy’s throat and they got up…all smiles of course and then they left.

    That left 7 or 8 of us sitting around with wood or half wood kind of checking each other out. Well all it took was one guy to “actually” start stroking his cock and the rest soon followed.

    It was a pretty hot…and safe scene…

    I’ve been to several of the resorts in this area, but that was the first “public” circle jerk I’ve ever experienced…

  8. OMG, this has always been a fantasy of mine but, alas, it has never come to pass. This type of porn scenario really gets me going. The pictures on here from the film they shot convince me that this is a movie I’d like to watch over and over and over again.

  9. For a time we had a naturist club in Nashville where we met in homes and occasionally a clubhouse. Everyone was naked; all sorts of shapes and colors and sizes. There were small and large gatherings of naked bodies. I met some nice guys. We had fun.

  10. As soon as the word model was mentioned and the amount of guys……i just laughed…..what a load of shit! Just another way to get money out of us stupid guys!

  11. yeah man…circle jerks can be pretty hot..
    11 hot guys at the last one i went to. and of course for some of us it turned into more that just stroking cocks.
    love it when the cum starts to fly…fuck!

  12. Hmmmm..I guess two of you don’t like that there are a whole lot of white guys. You think there should be a token black guy? Why?

    These guys don’t do it for me either and I have never been involved in a circle jerk myself…I would definitely want to suck on the dicks if I was though.

  13. Has anyone heard of or been to jerk off clubs like the rain city jackers in seattle? i would love to hear some stories

  14. no, no, Pumpkin..

    ..i wouldn’t want a Token to be in there, either.

    anyway, i also thought, “my god: it’s nothing but a sea of Indistinguishable White!”

    which, also, bored me.

    i’ve no interest in the spectacle, accordingly.

    it’s a somewhat-novel concept, in spite of what is being used to put It into fruition, though — i will concede.

  15. Damn hot bods in there! Where can I get them?

    Here in Cape Town, South Africa, we have an unofficial thing every month or two, run by a local gent in his 40s. It draws between 8 and about 30 guys, aged from 18 to 58, all sizes, and all “sizes”. All legal!

    First we just east snacks, sip drinks, and chat, and then the host closes curtains and wel-cums everyone, and off go the kits!

    Then it’s whatever happens, happens.

    Yes, the HIV thing is in our minds, and there are loads (no pun intented) of condoms around.

    Usually it’s pairs and 3sums, but once in a while there’s a huge writhing mass! Spit-roasts, hands, mouths, you name it!

  16. Check out bateworld.com where my screen name is DEMANDER, and see the other guys, too. That’s all we do is masturbate. That circle jerk is about 1,200 strong. Masturbation…it’s what makes you a man, so come on and man up! I’m in upstate NY west of Albany and ready for a connection.

  17. Well, if someone is going to say that they can’t tell white people apart as if that’s not a racist statement, I’m going to throw in that I, also, cannot tell black people apart.

    Now tell me how I’m racist and you’re not.

  18. The issue isn’t one of race, necessarily, but of TYPE. That’s a lot of men who are all essentially the same type, with very little variation in hair and build and height and cock size. Seems to me the point of orgy porn is that the regular dude can picture himself in the middle of it.

  19. @WB et all. I agree. It is a bit overwhelming.

    @pumpkinfan No, not a token. But maybe a significant number of non-White people? But that’s asking for too much. The next time you look at porn. Think about this. There are so many categories of White guys (twink, bear, muscle, etc) But then you have categories like Black, Interracial (Which almost always means a Black guy fucking a White twink), Asian (no one cares if it’s Chinese, Japanese, etc), or Latino. It says all of these categories as if everyone in a specific minority shares the same body type, so I guess while I’m already aware of this fact, seeing this massive circle jerk with only White guys is, like I said before, overwhelming.

    @Bill I wanna give @irgy709 the benefit of the doubt when he said that he couldn’t tell them apart. I think he meant that the body types used made it hard to really tell them apart. ie hairless, White, muscular twinks. And when you put them all in a room, it has a kind of blurring effect and it makes it hard to differentiate. Clearly, if irgy709 was actually there, he would not be able to deny their differences. and Do you want me to tell you why you are racist and I’m not? Because:
    A) You’re arguing just to argue a point that is in line with what I’ve heard a lot of racists say before
    B)There is a history behind this argument, and even if irgy709 said that he couldn’t tell White people apart, that will have less of a tangible effect on the power dynamics in the real world. Whereas, when you perpetuate this unequal distribution of power via the putting down of Black people, that adversely affects people of color. Essentially, because White people are in a position of power (do not debate me on this), their perspectives and beings can take a blow here and there, but because people of color are still on the bottom, any attack on them will cause damage

  20. This is definitely not the “largest circle jerk ever.” Nothing wrong with a bunch of young white guys jerking off together, but it’s no world record, sorry.

  21. Yes, I was enjoying a nude day on the beach at Provincetown when I strolled around a dune to find about a half dozen men enjoyinng a circle jerk. Naturally, they invited me to join so I took matters into hand and worked up a nice shot into the sand. Was a fun suprise and safe encounter.

  22. yes, i been in a few small groups where we jack ourself off while watching the other dudes jack themself,,, but better when you have a few guys jacking each other…this is a TRUE CIRCLE JERK,,,standing in a circle, not scattered all over the room,,,, and JERKING EACH OTHER OFF,,,,not jacking yourself off….either way it can be hot, but to be true to the language, you must be helping out your buds,,,but hey, this is just one man’s opinion

  23. Something I should try…

    And I agree, this group looks pretty boring, they need some variation.

  24. Yeah, I have participated in a few circle jerks for sure… they’re fucking HOT, plain and simple.

  25. Ok, so I am a white guy and I find it difficult to tell the difference between all of those cookie cutter guys. Does that make me a racist?

    That said, Jordan, I don’t think you have a clue about what you are spouting off about.

    Just because someone is in a minority doesn’t mean that they can not be racist.

    btw, I guess these folks have never been to Fire Island to see the size of the circle jerks that take place there during the summer!

  26. @Dale Trust me. I really do “have a clue.” If you would like to elaborate upon that which I do not “have a clue,” please. enlighten me. Also, I never said that someone who is in a minority can’t be racist. I said that minorities have less of a capability to do “damage” to non-minorities. I didn’t say they weren’t racist. It’s just that even if they were, it would be irrelevant because their opinion, in the grand scheme of things, hasn’t, historically, mattered as much, and that historical fact still has long lasting effects that can be seen and felt today.

  27. “(do not debate me on this)” – Jordan


    Did a circle jerk once with three friends just after starting HS – we did it on his patio one night while his parents were out. None of us came, though, so I like to think it doesn’t count. I’ve never done it since. Always have wanted to try that cookie/biscuit thing, though. lol

  28. of course, i also will concur with jordan.

    what he’s said is, basically, infallible.

  29. (p.s.: billy boy, i stand by my own critique, as well.

    and, no, you can’t say what you had without coming off as racist.

    that’s just the way it is.


    have a nice day!)

  30. And neither can you, Saint. You can justify it any way you want, saying all white people look the same is just as racist as if I were to say all black people look the same.

  31. well, no, my long-time adversary:

    i really was only referring to those specific participants of the mass masturbation group.

    just as the other people here had.

    nowhere did i explicitly nor implicitly say, “all white people look the same.”

    (also, i personally mentioned nothing about my wanting for blacks to have been interspersed with those whites, thither; so, i cannot account for what made you think to bring that particular ethnicity up, when you’d attempted to counter me.)

    i should have hoped you’d give me more credit than that, besides, bill — as if i’d actually proclaim something so sweeping, and so incredibly unintelligent.

    especially in seriousness.


    i probably would not have thought of that specific criticism if they all weren’t so similar, demographically; although, of course, i couldn’t really be in support of an all-white Sexing Group, period, even if its individual members were, in fact, æsthetically-diversified.

    not to say that you-all (i assume you’re Caucasian, bill) don’t have the right to convene, coïncidentally or conscientiously, like that..
    ..rather, it’s what isn’t present, that makes the People of Colour, and those white people who don’t limit their selections (due to specific, active prejudices) to only other whites, curious about what lies beneath that gathering’s surface.


    of course anyone can be prejudiced; anyone can perpetuate Discrimination based on skin colour or perceived Ethnicity/Nationality.

    for that matter: of course others, besides Whites, have perpetuated some rather monstrous atrocities against their fellow man, through Time; i haven’t turned a blind eye to this reality, billy boy.

    (but in case you still don’t get it: right now, it is The Whites who are the ones who have the most power to oppress & subjugate, and who can make all the varying forms of Human Denygration potentially life-altering, in ways that many couldn’t even believe Initially Possible.

    with that given power came great responsibility; you do not mean to deny that a sizable number of your fellow brethren and sistren had, these past five- or six-hundred years, not been exercising this Power responsibly, i hope?)

    some time ago, i was told that if you don’t have Power, you can’t actually be “racist.” i tend to agree with that philosophy: one can say all the prejudiced/malbiased things one wants about a differing group of peoples,—or even one’s own People, for that matter,—but if one is no position to put A Hurtin’ on those who one thinks have such pervasive flaws, then all one can do is pick individual fights with those whom one does not like.. ..and, hope for the best. (this isn’t limited to just Caucasians, of course: the indian Caste System, and the general Misogynistic Attitude men have, also comes within this scope.)

    i might wish that all we could focus on was just sex, on this web log; but one would have to be a complete buffoon, indeed, if one believes it should be that simple — expressly without consideration of other, quite-present, factors.


    anyone is capable of prejudice.

    anyone is capable of projecting Mal-bias, based on skin colour, nationality, or ethnicity.

    to illustrate my point: if the Mass Masturbation-group had been comprised of all of any other, besides White (even if those individuals, also, were all æsthetically similar), i’d reckon that only The Prejudiced would feel the need come out and make a jackasséd remark about it; few others would think to question those peoples’ motive for not having included other ethnicities in their orgy.
    even if it did give them Pause, they’d likely not attribute this Exclusiveness to being of the same reasoning that an all-white gathering might (*might*) have had; concurrently, those observers would be more likely to believe that those particular Orgians are, never-the-less, not as closed to the idea of holding sessions of sexual congress with people of other Skin Colours than whites.

    why question this? we others only go by what we have observed, over the decades — statistically, it seems whites are the most likely to state “[my ethnicity] only” (especially because of a belief of an innate inferiority of anyone else who isn’t of their Ilk).

    i’m not quite able to put into words what i want to say here (hard to believe, i’m sure); but i truly do, with all my heart, believe that when others same exclusion, it’s not usually with that specific kind of meanness of Spirit that those Caucasians, who do do This, harbour.

    (unfortunately, no one’s going to read all this…)

  32. if i asked you to delete my manifesto, so i can fix a mistake i’d made in it, would you oblige me, andy or dewitt?

    if i might also trouble you to e-mail me if/when the deletion was made a simple “manifesto was deleted” in the subject line would suffice), that also would be spectacular.

    i thank you for your help, in advance.

  33. To quote Mister Impatience (who is anything but a Saint!)

    ” i was told that if you don’t have Power, you can’t actually be “racist.” ”

    “anyone is capable of projecting Mal-bias, based on skin colour, nationality, or ethnicity.”

    You contradict yourself! The second sentence is the very definition of racist! Secondly, I have no power! I’m in no authority over anyone! I would guess the same could be said of Bill (not Billy boy). That first sentence is beyond stupidity!
    Note to Mr. Impatience. If you are going to use big words, learn to spell them. You aren’t making yourself look anymore intelligent.

  34. @tam If you are White, you do have relatively more power than you might like to acknowledge. Power doesn’t only mean money. Power doesn’t only mean control. Power can also mean social capital. If you don’t know what that refers to… look it up. Also, the “second sentence” is true. Anyone can have prejudices, but if that person doesn’t have power ie they aren’t White, then their ability to actually be effective in any racists ulterior motives or goals they may want to accomplish is severely limited. Also, what “big words” are you referring to as being misspelled? Some of his spellings are referencing specific times and discourse from history.

    @Saint Impatience I did read all of it, and I applaud you. You are very knowledgeable and articulate. No matter what anyone else says, I support your manifesto. It’s nice to see that some people on this site are actually educated.

  35. Saint, you are so absurd it is ridiculous. By the way, perhaps you can fill me in, what Cultural influence is it that causes certain “educated” Black men to occasionally Capitalize the first letter of random Words mid sentence? You’re not The first, so I certainly Do wonder, it gives me the impression you are merely a Boy having fun playing man. And yes, I included the word Boy because it has been historically used in denigration, much the way you felt the need to refer to me as billy boy. I am no more appreciative of the disrespect than you are.

    ‘it’s nothing but a sea of Indistinguishable White!’

    No, you certainly don’t expressly state that ALL white people look the same, but I believe your implications are clear enough.

    No, you didn’t mention black people on your own. I did, and it was to demonstrate a comparison you would likely disagree with. You made a blanket statement about white people, and I made the same blanket statement about black people. You find my statement to be racist, but not your own. I am demonstrating your hypocrisy for you. Excellent observation skills.

    “i probably would not have thought of that specific criticism if they all weren’t so similar”

    I’m sorry, but at least their hair color differs, which is certainly a more distinguishable trait for white people than it is for others. Seems to me, I suddenly have more justification for my statement than you do for yours.

    “of course, i couldn’t really be in support of an all-white Sexing Group, period”

    I’m sorry …. who asked you to? Is all porn published for you to support? And what’s so wrong with it? You act as if a group consisting of only white people could ONLY exist because they purposefully excluded all others. I have classes in which there are no black people, despite a black student majority in the student body, and yet I can guarantee you we did not all get together when doing our scheduling to plan out how to get an all-white class and take up every spot so no black people could enroll.

    “it is The Whites who are the ones who have the most power to oppress & subjugate”

    Am I allowed to blame you for the monstrosities happening to gay people in Africa right now? Any black person? Because to imply that all white people should be held reprehensible for any historical occurrence suggests that I can do the same. You are a monster for executing homosexuals, by the way.

    “your fellow brethren and sistren had”

    They are not my anything. I feel no ties to any historical occurrences, no matter my genealogy. Stop blaming me for what some people neither of us ever knew did to other people neither of us ever knew.

    “i was told that if you don’t have Power, you can’t actually be “racist.” ”

    I would have to ask you what you mean by ‘power’. I certainly don’t feel like I have power over anyone, though I know you’ll have some sort of counter argument to imply that I don’t even understand the scope of my own racial power or some nonsense like that. Let me ask you this- when I have to have someone walk me through the bus station parking lot to get to class because the black people there enjoy taunting and trying to intimidate me, who’s got the power? When I have to sit in silence at the probation office while all of the black guys around me chit chat, who’s got the power? When a black customer accuses me of being racist for not giving them a discount, and starts shouting out statements about how my place of employment is racist, and I have to give them a discount now just to get them to leave the store peacefully, who actually has the power? Please define for me what power is.

    You can talk about the races like each race is a single player in this game, but you would be ignorant. You talk about power and influence in the grand scheme of things and neglect to consider how minuscule incidents actually affect the people involved. Maybe a white guy getting murdered in Detroit for being on the wrong corner at the wrong time doesn’t affect all white people. But that one white guy just lost his life. So guess what, I think that matters, even if, as a whole, white people will live on without him.

    “i might wish that all we could focus on was just sex, on this web log”

    You victimize yourself every time you try to take this blog anywhere else. I’ve seen plenty of black cock out there, and here, too. You can see racism anywhere you want to.

    The rest of your statements are filled with such vapid generalizations that to counter them would leave me feeling I’d only repeated myself more than I have already done.

    Do yourself a favor. Stop victimizing yourself. Stop imagining that everything ever done has been done to make a statement to or about black people.

  36. *shrug*

    so this is what i get to wake up to, huh?

    rather than trying to counter-point you, personally, Bill, i’d rather let a jury of our peers have a go at it.

    (perhaps i’d luck out, this time, and find that reasonable, sexy guys like Jordan are on my side, most.)

    ironically, i can appreciate that you had taken the time out to compose your own manifesto, for me — irregarding its various flaws.


    as for you, tam: racism is, indeed, based on prejudice/bias; however, one can be prejudiced/biased without being racist.


    i’d heard about a female lacrosse player who apparently was slaughtered by her boyfriend. she was white. (the murderer, by-the-by, also was white.) so, for weeks after the fact, i had to keep hearing about it? when other people (non-white) suffer similar fates every single day, they will be “lucky” if the producers decide to give them more than a 50-second/100-word blurb? (only if the killing was brought about by extraördinary circumstances might it be publicized for about a week or so.)

    i don’t deny that a white person can be subject to haranguement (sometimes fatal) by blacks — many times a day do the innocent have to pay the consequences for misdeeds of The Guilty, of course.
    i seem to remember a time when blacks were harangued, themselves, by whites. en masse, et de riguer, as a matter-of-fact.

    i will read all that you have to say, but it doesn’t seem likely you’ll ever come up with anything i’d readily concede to, billy the kid.

    i wish i could stay longer but i have someplace else i need to be.

  37. His name is Bill. Show some respect. You get respect by showing respect.

    There were many words misspelled by Mr. Impatience (I’m beginning to see more and more how his name fits, except for the Saint part.)”Sistren”?? That’s an example.

    “but i truly do, with all my heart, believe that when others same exclusion, it’s not usually with that specific kind of meanness of Spirit that those Caucasians, who do do This, harbour.”

    Wonderful writing there. Almost intelligable. Such an educated man! So we Caucasians are so mean! We do it deliberately! SHUT THE HELL UP! You have no clue as to what you are talking about! I don’t EVER want to see you with a white man, then! I don’t EVER want to see you post on a picture of a white man how you like it! If we are so evil by nature, then I don’t want to see it!
    You are so racist! You just proved it! If we were to say that very statement about blacks we would be run out of here! And you know it! You are NOT an educated man as Jason would have us believe! You are ignorant! And what’s worse, it’s by choice! You choose to remain ignorant!
    I have friends of your race. I’ve run this by them. They said this: “That line of reasoning is what puts our race at a disadvantage. Instead of moving on from what happened hundreds of years ago, they want to keep us in the “slave” mode. We don’t know what it’s like to be slaves. White people have moved on, why shouldn’t we?”
    I have no problem with intelligent people of any race. It’s those who choose to be ignorant and spew their hate as Mr. Impatience does that I have a problem with!
    That said, I think the photos are perfect! Could stand some more “manly” men in the photos, but the directors chose who they wanted. I HIGHLY doubt they thought “Hmmm.. Let’s piss of the black people and leave them out!” Sheer stupidity!

  38. Mr. Freking, I see it’s being passed on down to the younger generation, this line of thinking. Sad. Think for yourself.
    I don’t have any power over you. No more than you have power over me. If I’m not mistaken, there is a man in the White House who claims to be black. He is in power. So.. If your line of reasoning stands up to scrutiny, then we white people should watch out! We could very well be next on the list of “racism”.
    People of different race are always saying how we shouldn’t see black and white. We should all be the same. Yet I’m amazed that nine times out of ten, it’s the people of color that play the race card! If you truly want us to be a nation of one, without the black and white, then act it! It’s time to act it!

  39. Ok, so this is what it is.

    1) Everyone here is taking this far too personally. It seems to me that Saint Impatience was trying to make some valid points here, but individuals like Tam and Bill are twisting his words. And I believe it was said that caucasians (i personally prefer to keep it simple, but i’ll use this word for now) who would exclude men of color have a mean spirit about it, not that they are mean spirited people, and that certainly wasn’t a blanket statement about all caucasians.

    2) I agree that a group of only white guys getting together is not necessarily indicative of their lack of being “down with the brown,” perhaps they just found each other. Hot comes in all shades, including white. But the porn industry is severely lacking these other shades.

    3) When it’s BelAmi, porn made in the Czech Republic, who else is going to star but a bunch of white guys with that body type?

    4) For the record, I thought those pictures were fuckin hot. Though a better “sea of indistinguishable white” would be their cum all over my body.

    5) I really doubt that all-black/asian/aboriginal porn would be watched by an individual whose prejudiced filtering system would lead them to bypass men of color.

    6) It seems to me that St. Impatience isn’t ignorant, more that he doesn’t take himself so seriously as other individuals on this thread seem to.

    7) For the record, y’all — saying that minority groups have less power in this society or pointing out iniqiuty isn’t victimizing oneself. Saying this, accepting it and choosing to live one’s life as if this is how the world works and not educating/empowering oneself is victimization. Not to

    8) I saw a lot of words plucked out where they didn’t need be.

    9) Why is everyone so irascible? Seems like everyone needs a blowjob or something. Get on manhunt proper and find one, stat!

  40. you’re cute, tammy.

    only the feeble of mind would try to knock me down by picking on something which was an obvious mistake — a mistake i myself had caught after the fact, and would have edited a few moments after i submitted my text for posting, if that feature was available to us.


    and you were only able to come up with one instance of my not being at my mechanical best, at that — the word i’d forgot to put in, for the record, was “make.”

    additionally, i am sorry to know you’re apparently not aware that there is, indeed, a feminine equivalent to “brethren.” which is “sistren.” a simple Search Engine Query would have informed you of this, unkind sir.

    but, please, tams: if you’re up for the challenge, feel free to name those many other words i’d misspelled because of Mental Incompetence and/or egregious lacking of Language Comprehension.

    {fuckin’ A — in spite of these “errors,” it appears you were still quite able to process {but, obviously, not comprehend} what i write.)


    i’m not impressed by your or bill’s use of standard capitalization, especially as used for your, umm, futile rebuttals against Yours, truly. for if, by now, the neither of you have been able to infer that i too am more than capable of employing the so-called “proper form of English,” but had instead been opting to use a somewhat-stylized version of it, then of course i would needs have to presume you don’t have the mental capacity for wrapping your pretty little heads around what i’m trying to explain.

    (incidentally, Jonathan Swift, e e cummings, and Dave Barry are the ones who’ve influenced my informal-type writing style.

    in case you were wondering.)

    overall, the whole “Grammar Attack Angle” is insignificant … perhaps, even, meaningless.


    i thought it was obvious that i’m not anti-White but, rather, anti-Anyone Who Is A Ne’er_Do_Weller.


    i will give you another example: what was the ethnic make-up of the Key Individuals who were at the center of the Housing Market & Wall Street Bust?

    another person i listened to had declared (en paràphras) “i am more afraid of the white guy in the business suit with a Wall Street Journal tucked under arm than of the black guy with his pants slung low and handle of a gun peeking above the waistband: the thug might rob me of what i have on me, that day … but the white guy might, indeed, rob me of my entire future.”

    stop trying to make me sound like i want to speak Ill of an entire group of people — i only aim to vilify those who have actually committed Inhumanities, and to put into check, those others who seem like they’re about to make a wrong move.

    as i’ve said before: i don’t discriminate when it comes to Lambastation.
    i only go by The Numbers.

    accordingly, i might just have to declare that blacks (specifically those in the United States and in Africa) are second to Whites (in the united states, and wherëver else in the world) in terms of instances of proäctively committing Malevolent Deeds.

    but this isn’t a discussion of Bad Blacks.

    this is a discussion of “what if?” in terms of the socio-sexual ramifications of an all-white grouping, Whose Physical Features Had Such Little Deviation (other than the hair colouring — big whoop).

    if there wasn’t Racism, and General Prejudice, in this lovely little blue ball, then none would think twice about their all being together.

    (nor am i declaring, those individuals, in question, definitely had racist intentions.

    but if they had…)

    one-on-one, these gentleman might be just dandy.
    but, multiplied by 27?

    if it’d make you feel better..
    ..there is a 64% chance i’d’ve made the same remark about a mass grouping of any other ethnic group: “an indistinguishable sea of Asian”; “an indistinguishable sea of Latino”; “an indistinguishable sea of Black.”

    of course, they can do as they please; what bothers me, really, is the *actual* implication that Diversification isn’t likely to be sought.


    it’s been fun, but i might (or might not) pick this up later.
    and if i made some more mistakes, i’m not looking back over this to catch ´em, this time.

  41. I have more to say than just this, but for the record, I thought those pictures were fuckin hot. Though a better “sea of indistinguishable white” would be their cum all over my body.

  42. Okay, sorry if I seem like a damper on this thread or whatever…but has ANYONE even touched on the subject at hand, meaning circle jerks? What the fuck does racism have to do with a bunch of guys jerking off in front of each other.

    TO ANSWER THE ACTUAL QUESTION AND NOT TOUCH ON THIS NONSENSE, I have not participated in one, yet I’ve always wanted to. However, you can’t always get what you want, right? LOL

  43. Oh hell why dont the two of u shut the fuck up…better yet, kiss and fuck and make up…these men are HOTT…end of story, move on, get a life…and have a great day…lol

  44. If 3 counts as a “cirle jerk”, or would that be “triangle jerk”?… then yes I have…lol…what is the correct number for a “cirle jerk”…?

  45. I love Bill! I’d do a circle jerk with him. Is that on topic?
    I’ve decided that Impatience is an attention whore. So I’m going to just ignore him. His RANTS, trying to prove his intellect, only do the opposite. So, I’m bowing out.
    I’ll go back to my original statement. I’d rather have sex than a circle jerk.

  46. i don’t like the either of you. not because you’re white, but because your limited mindsets are a great part of what is wrong with this world.

    (and, the two of you go a long way towards showing that there is no such thing as “automatic camaraderie” just because we have finding men attractive in common.)

    please feel free to bow out, then. please feel free to ignore me or respond to me as you see fit. for my part, i should know by now that trying to put in some real “intellect” into your brains is a lost cause. but in spite of that, i will continue to do as i please, as well.

    and, for fuck’s sake: if any kind of large amount of text fits your bill as being a “rant,” then i am afraid to know what you think of most standard bodies of literature. (the key element of ranting, after all, is crazed, highly-unfocused spouting off — almost always, with the writer lumping all sentences into one huge “paragraph,” as opposed to breaking them off into individual blocks of text.)

    i can’t win, i guess: i’m not able to satisfy, if i keep my words short or long. but, that’s what our freedom. what might disappoint me more is how i’ve spent so much time trying to combattle those two nincompoops. (oh. does combattle not exist? darn me and my neologisms…)


    taken individually, i’d probably like most of those guys just fine. but, once their number goes past 3, then it’s like repeating one’s self. which is abysmally boring.

    i’m not opposed to the idea of being in a Mass Masturbation Group (and/or Mass Circle Jerk) itself, otherwise, though.

    sen, you were free to just ignore the three of us..
    ..but, this time around, *i* didn’t make this into a topic of racism — all i did was concur with the previously stated sentiment that those orgy guys showed no variety, at all (which is probably the director’s fault, more than anyone else’s); someone else stated their disapproval of my way of expressing my agreement .. which is how we got to make this post have almost 70 comments!

    (i cannot wait to see what blurb annotation dewitt will make, when he puts this into the “Popular Demand” section.)

    @Don: i didn’t say all that i had, because i am in love with those two bloakes — so, no, as long as their minds are like they are, there will never be any making up… …and, certainly, there will be no Kissing.

  47. @tam “If I’m not mistaken, there is a man in the White House who claims to be black. He is in power. So.. If your line of reasoning stands up to scrutiny, then we white people should watch out! We could very well be next on the list of ‘racism'”.

    Does he claim to be Black? I’m not sure he does. The media is all about blowing up the fact that we have a Black president because now that we do, clearly, racism is over. SO… YAY! You don’t have to worry. Also, I’m sure he doesn’t claim to be Black because he’s actually, like myself, biracial, and to deny this fact would mean that he denies half of his family.

    “People of different race are always saying how we shouldn’t see black and white. We should all be the same. Yet I’m amazed that nine times out of ten, it’s the people of color that play the race card! If you truly want us to be a nation of one, without the black and white, then act it! It’s time to act it!”

    Why is it that people of DIFFERENT race are saying this? By different do you mean not White? Because that is not helping your I’m-not-racist argument. Also, who’s making generalizations now? What “different race[d]” people are saying this? I have a hard time believing that they would say this because I would argue the exact opposite. It’s the Middle-Class, White person who is wanting to move towards colour-blindness because s/he is most likely frustrated with his or her exclusion from any benefits received by people of color because they, the middle-classed White person, are in a similar socioeconomic class. [See Chief Justice Roberts and The Way to Stop Discriminating on the Basis of Race…]
    Do I really want us to be a nation of one? No I don’t support the Melting Pot Theory because some [White] Americans are all about the Melting pot theory because the melting together is actually an assimilation of everyone “else” into White cultural norms and expectations.

    So, am I playing the race card? You bet your ass I am. Because if I don’t play it who will? The reason I believe some [White] people have a problem when “others” play the race card is because it points to actual inequalities in the system that they might not want to acknowledge. Restated, when a minority plays the race card, it makes many White people feel awkward as fuck because it just might have some truth to it. And if attention is not brought to the current status of race relations in this country forcefully, nothing will ever change.

    “I see it’s being passed on down to the younger generation, this line of thinking. Sad. Think for yourself.”

    It definitely is being passed on down to my generation, but if being progressive and critical is “Sad,” then what is being racist, afraid of change, and ignorant? If anyone should think for himself, it should be you Tam. Your perspectives are hardly innovative.

  48. Saint Ignorance, you are a prick, a buffoon, a braggart, and an imbecile. The fact that you cannot comprehend that people can have motives that are not limited to racial justifications says that yours is the limited mindset.

    I’m not saying there aren’t racist white people. There certainly are. But you imply that ALL are racist, or at the very least must constantly be aware of how their actions could be interpretted, because God forbid a black person feel intentionally left out, no matter how unintentional it may be, because one black person’s potential feelings demand constant vigilance from the entirety of a race.

    Get. The fuck. Over yourself.

  49. All white people DO look the same. At least in picture with all the guys in one shot 😀

    Lolz @ all the lengthy comments here

  50. It’s blokes, not bloakes. And we are the stupid ones…. If you don’t believe me, google it!
    I also looked up the definition of rant. Your definition isn’t in there. Mine fits more closely.
    I do wish, Mr. Unable-to-wait, that you would make up your mind! In one post you say I’m cute. Then you say you don’t like me! My heart is bro(a)ken.

  51. When people play the race card, I don’t feel awkward as fuck. I feel pretty fucking embarassed. For them.

  52. see? it appears that jordan gets it.
    i can do nothing but agree with him, and thank him for being brave enough to back me up.
    (it gets lonely, trying to defend controversial opinions, as far as i can surmise.)
    (but, strangely, J-Frek didn’t get as much shit as i had from The Terrible Twosome…..)

    and of course i have nothing but charitable thoughts for “The Jazz” — all i can say, bro, is that i neither was expecting for This to get blown up as it had.

    i regret that you had to keep resorting to Word Twisting, bill, to try to fight me — of course there are plenty of things one can correctly infer about my set of beliefs and values from what i had been saying here … but those notions you’d, magically, been routing out have nothing to do with me.

    so maybe Tam’s secondary purpose, here, is just to troll the boards, or something. (i mean, when he isn’t simply commenting on a posting that had presumably piqued his interest — which he has the right to do, of course! l.o.l.)

    i dunno.

    that’s cool.

    verily, you are free “to speech” as you please: but you won’t be free from having others vocalize their dissent with your views, if that’s what they want to do, at the time.

    the same goes for me, obviously.

    i don’t mind it, so much, though.
    there’s always an opportunity to learn something that’s actually Edifying.

  53. “so maybe Tam’s secondary purpose, here, is just to troll the boards, or something. (i mean, when he isn’t simply commenting on a posting that had presumably piqued his interest — which he has the right to do, of course! l.o.l.)”

    Seriously, what does this mean? Isn’t that what we all do? What else is there to do on here? Really?? What else is there to do on a blog page but to look at the posts and comment if you so choose to? Methinks you have a mental problem!

    Verily? Awww.. He speaks Bible speak! Maybe Mr. In-a-hurry should read more of it.

    You are more than welcome to speak your dissent. Doesn’t make you right!

  54. I haven’t twisted anything. Maybe you need to be a little more specific in the message you’re trying to put forth, and choose your words a little more carefully. Simply because the words and phrasing you use are open to interpretation doesn’t mean that I’m at fault. Say what you mean, mean what you say. The more ‘colorful’ you try to make your speech, the more potential conclusions people can come to based on it.

  55. I wasn’t aware I twisted anything either. As far as me taking myself seriously.. Riiiight! Anyone that truly knows me knows better. But then, you don’t know me.
    As far as the man in the white house statement, he checked black (African-American) on his census survey.
    I wuv you Ms. Can’t-wait-at-all!

  56. This didn’t get me hard. Does that make me racist?

    I don’t think its racist to say they all look the same. Probably because they all do IN THEIR AESTHETIC – white, hairless, and uncircumcized – typical ‘european’ ‘Bel Ami’ aesthetic.
    Every studio has their own aesthetic and they’re just catering to a specific type of ‘man’ whether it be Colt, or Falcon, or JetSet.
    Can’t say I have a type to be honest. If you’re hot, you’re hot. And nobody can argue with a hard-on. 😉

    Circle Jerk sounds hot, but in more of a “joining in on real life unexpectedly” kind of way as opposed to “watching it on my laptop” kind of way.

  57. In Scouts a long time ago, for all it’s military like stuff and “manliness” emphasis, this is where I learned to enjoyed sex with men first. the first time stands in my mind as if it happened an hour ago!!

  58. I am laughing so hard at this comment thread I can’t even remember what question I was supposed to be answering.

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