Unlockables: The Foreskin Stretch

While posing for nude pictures, uncircumcised men will often stretch their foreskin (see Alexander Block or Billy Scott for an example outside of this post). We happen to think this is really hot. But that’s probably just because we actively admire both cut and uncut dicks.

This vote is mostly for those of you who fall into the same category. We’ve even added an extra option, in order to weed out readers who aren’t into uncut men. So without further ado, let’s dive right into this question–is the foreskin stretch something you’d like to see in someone’s Manhunt profile pics?

Take a moment to think about this question, as you check out the results from last week‘s poll. More than half of you were perfectly okay with professional photos, provided your potential partner could prove they’re real on cam. Thirty-four percent are trustworthy enough to not question the pics, while fifteen percent would steer clear of someone using studio shots. Very interesting!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Male

To check out Gavin Waters stretching his foreskin, follow the JUMP:

Here’s Gavin’s cock:

And here’s the “foreskin stretch” move:

14 thoughts on “Unlockables: The Foreskin Stretch

  1. i think..
    ..i think that more than a few of the respondents were reacting to that specific picture right above the related survey (i didn’t want to say “poll” for Obvious Reasons), instead of the general concept of foreskin stretching, itself.

    based on the pictures above, i would not declare that i am charmed by that individual — i might feel more drawn to Gavin, rather, seeing him in person.

    in spite of that, i never-the-less selected the “completely unoffensive” option: my being presented an image of an uncircumcised guy whom i am already, definitely, not attracted to, tugging on his hood, wouldn’t compel me to alter my opinion more favourably for him.

  2. If the guy in his pictures is a wanking and pulling on his foreskin then there’s a good chance that he’ll enjoy me wanking and pulling on his foreskin! Totally hot!

  3. Don’t like foreskin…but this guy has such beautiful blond hair that I would, in this case, overlook it. (lol)

  4. The problem with foreskin is not it being pulled or not pulled, the problem is some, not all, some uncut guys do not maintain themselves properly.

    As a guy who’s had several uncut men, I can say the vast majority do maintain themselves hygienically. However I have had a small minority who haven’t and it was a major turn off, to such a degree I stopped contact with them.

  5. I love uncut, more skin the better – it is one of my three favorite thins along with big, low hanging balls and hairy asses.

  6. Wtf? “My opinion is irrelevant to this poll. I’m not into uncut cock.” …..so because somebody is not into uncut cocks, it makes their opinion not matter? its a poll, what if im not into white guys, where the box for “My opinion is irrelevant to this poll because white people are sillly-gooses”

  7. Being uncut myself, I really don’t get any special pleasure from seeing uncut. For me a cock is a cock is a cock!

  8. I agree…uncut as well, but a cock is a cock is a cock…cut or uncut…I’m much more interested in what the cock is attached to…If he’s an asshole it doesn’t matter he won’t be playing with me.

  9. It always baffles me how cut or uncut is a deal breaker for some guys. I understand it and get that it’s not the same as their cut cock and so it makes them uncomfortable but as someone with an uncut cock it just seems so “whatever” to me. Cut, uncut…all good because it’s all cock!
    In other news, I like the way you have dropped the cheeky humor out of the poll response buttons, Dewitt. It helps guys to vote in a neutral place rather than trying to decipher the humor. Love your humor but it’s best not to have it there. Keep it up…you’re doing God’s work here. 😉

  10. 4skins turn me right on. Maybe because I don’t have one? And the stretch pic shows he’s up for what I want to do with his skin..

  11. I love cock period, but have really enjoyed uncut cocks. I love to pull a guys foreskin and cum inside it. I do love sucking on a cock, pulling the skin back, exploring under the skin with my tongue, but find I can get a bit more aggressive, a bit more teeth play with cut guys.

  12. foreskins are fine, i have one… (they must be clean though)
    but stretching them – this has no sexual appeal. it isnt offensive its just kind of pointless. you want to pull it back to see the helmet – thats the interesting bit. uncut cocks are more fun as there is no need for lube to work them, but pulling it the wrong way is kind of like pushing your arsecheeks together hard to hide the hole… WHY?

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