Unlockables: The Exposed Asshole Close-Up Shot

Since last week’s edition of Unlockables went over so well, we thought we’d experiment with the same format this weekend. Rather than us dictating you how you should take pictures for your Manhunt profile, we’re letting you decide whether a particular pose or type of shot puts a boner in your pants. Well, unless your not wearing any pants… In which case, even better.

Today, we’ll be discussing the infamous “rosebud” shot. On a personal level, are you turned on by the sight of another man’s puckering, exposed asshole? We’re curious to see the results on this one! For last week’s verdict on the “armpit lick” pose, head over here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: You Love Jack

To check out Tigger’s hole and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

And we couldn’t resist including these bonus shots…

242 thoughts on “Unlockables: The Exposed Asshole Close-Up Shot

  1. It all depends upon how attractive the hole is as well as the ass. The one in your pictures is very sexy. Those with sorta “beat up” looking anal rings might wanna skip that one.

    Suggestion for future unlockables: teach guys to use the locked pics to further their story. Some guys just have another bunch of the exact same thing as the unlocked ones. Either more face shots or another dozen pics of the same dick that is in EVERY other picture. Keep up the good work! You’re changing lives. ;0)

  2. I don’t get why guys get excited about the sight of an asshole. Everyone’s got one, and I’ve never noticed that the shape of an asshole affects what it feels like to fuck that asshole. So a shot of a guy’s anus isn’t going to persuade me to play with him. I’d much rather see pics of his body and his face.

    And I’ll second Michael!’s suggestion on future Unlockables posts. That drives me insane

  3. I third Michael’s suggestion! Shit, maybe he should write for this blog, lol! Completely inoffensive, though not quite hot is exactly how i’d describe an asshole shot! People with only shots of assholes and dicks just leads me to assume that all their personality is about…

  4. yo, dewitt?

    why you keep asking questions that invariably get the “´depends on who’s doing it/how it’s being done” response?

    i’m not sure if this particular factor is what influences my own opinion, or whatever, but i’m a Top.
    accordingly, i don’t believe that it is very likely one would hear me complain about someone’s showcasing a garden variety Upclose Manhole Picture.

    not so, unless the image depicts a parted-backside that looks totally ruined: in which case, then, the poor schmuck can keep that to himself.

    as a side note, i don’t entertain “propositions” made by, nor execute general “relations” with, individuals who wish to remain Anonymous — if i can’t ever see the bloake’s face, on-line, then his having thousand-million Pretty Rosebud Shots is meaningless to me.

  5. I’m a top and its definitely not a turn on for me. In fact, it pretty serves as a turn off of interest.

    Every one (I assume) enjoys a view of a nice ass, but when a dude is spreading his cheeks and showing me his hole, I assume hes pretty slutty and therefore, not my type….perhaps he eventually finds a guy who likes that sorta look – more power to him if he does I guess.

  6. Asshole shots are a little too real for me. I don’t mind sticking my dick in there but I don’t necessarily want to look at it if I don’t have to. Not sure what that means but there it is.

    Horrifyingly, I can look at pictures of snatch all day long. What is that all about and is anyone else in that boat? I’ve been queer as a three dollar bill since birth yet when it comes to porn all I like to watch is a woman getting pounded by a straight guy. Anyone with me? Anyone…..

  7. Interesting how the comments posted don’t match the voting. I have found a few rosebud pics very hot, have found a few downright gross but most are simply pleasant, such as this nice young guy’s. Doesn’t do more or less for my interest … except for the rare great shot of a nice hole being rimmed …

    As a top I wish there were an easy way to look and tell that the guy has prepared and cleaned up inside … but I digress.

    What really turns me on is the ass itself … the glutes … I’d much rather see a nice backside and profile shot that shows off the ass …

  8. I think it’s hot. I always get super turned-on by guys who show off their rosebuds. Porns that do not show the pucker normally do not turn me on.

  9. Amen Carter! I love looking at another guys ass cheeks. Sometimes I think I prefer looking at a guys backside more than his dick. I am not put off by a guy bending over and his hole being visible as the guy who is reaching around and spreading the cheeks to show his hole. That’s a bit much for me.

  10. actually, i believe “starfish” might be the more appropriate colloquialism to use.

    rosebud is a term that is probably more linked to the one of the consequences of Fisting.

    (and i can affirmatively declare, i hate seeing rosebud, in that context.)

  11. Personally I like seeing a nice rosebud but there are guys who can not carry it off. So while these pics turned me on there are some that do nothing for me. Wonder what guys think of my well trained rosebud?

  12. I have to admit I enjoy watching straight porn as well, but only if I’m in the mood.

    Unlike Tom, I love nothing more than to see a trimmed asshole just ready and willing to be fucked. Its a huge turn on.

  13. if a guy doesn’t have a body shot that attracts me, a ‘rosebud’ shot (or a dick shot, for that matter) isn’t going to make a difference. And if he has a hot body shot, a rosebud or dick shot is superfluous.

  14. I too wonder why the poll results are quite opposite of what is posted on here. That said, it’s a turn off to me. It screams to me that this is what the person is all about. I’d rather see pics of his face all day long.

  15. I have always liked a shot of a nice tight pucker but with a face pix just the shot of a wide open hole turns me OFF .. BTW I voted completely inoffensive but not always hot !!!

  16. I have a tight pink hole– always clean, shaved and ready for penetration. Have consistently gotten an amazing response.

  17. Went back and took another look … and another and another … came up with this …
    1st pic, stretching the cheeks, not hot
    2nd pic, fingering, not hot
    3rd pic, up close, I’m thinking, this boy is gonna be hurting no matter how much lube we use …
    also makes me want to playfully pull some of those hairs … perhaps I’m a bit of a masochist 🙂

  18. Will never understand it. I love looking at a great ass in it’s natual state. I don’t need to know what it’s hiding. There is a reason why some parts are hidden!

  19. Recently hooked up with a guy whose profile said he was 6’4″ and weighed in at 210. Thinking that was about right for the hieght, I said sure. When he got here, he was less than 6′ and in excess of 300 lbs. I fucked him because I was horney. When I spread his ass cheeks, he had this mega hemroid hanging on. I seriously thought about saying that I couldn’t go through with it. I guess my point is don’t lie about yourself because you may get somebody not nearly as nice as I am.

  20. as the saying goes, is someone is showing only their dick or asshole, chances r they are either one of them…

    I do not find it sexy, to be honest, when it is on purpose…. when a guy (straight or gay) bends over and we can see it, it is nice….

    also prefer meaty, bubble buts over the flat skinny ones… I love that muscle on the top of each glute, that makes it jut out a bit…

    in bed I like to look at an asshole only if I am already rimming it… and for that the ass has got to be perfect….

  21. It’s sounds like all bitchy gym bunnies posting so far. The guys voting are real men. They don’t want no pussy, and wouldn’t be caught dead watching str8 porn. They want wide open man hole. Of course, admittedly, the best shots are a bottom on his back with his legs spread so that you can see the both holes you’ll be plowing… the face and the ass.

  22. I’m indifferent about the post itself. The guy is cute but I’m not a top so the other pics don’t do much for me.

    The comments are what I was more interested in. Many comments here only demonstrate the ugly (har) truth about the gay community: superficial idealism. Anything focused on reality is quickly dismissed or filed away in the denial folder.

  23. I’m def. an Ass man. I could care less about your dick as long as you have a relatively normal one and its surrounded by a nice bush of pubes. Nothing hotter than an attractive man droppin trou and presenting his hairy hole. A man who isn’t ashamed to throw his legs back and show you his hole is a confident one. That’s sexy. Also if a guy unlocks his pics for you and one is of his asshole, it does sort of “ruin the suprise” of seeing it in person, but at least you know what you’re getting so you don’t get a fattie wih rhoids hanging out.

  24. An asshole to a top gay man is like a twat to a str8 guy…I luv the hole…eat it, finger it, lap it, bite it, suck it, command and dominant it…damn…a beautiful fucking boi hole…ummmm…then just slide in and fuck it …FUCK!!!

  25. I’ve never been an arse fan, myself; I just don’t find anything remotely sexy about a puckered hole.

  26. Nothing better than seeing a twink with a nice face and body on his back holding his cheeks open to reveal a tight pink hole. Makes me instantly hard. Always prefer rimming to fucking- can spend hours darting my Tongue round a boys anus and balls. Nothing like the tast of boys hot pussy

  27. Well, for me, a beautiful asshole is enough for me to get really turned on. Some guys have magnificent assholes… there’s a straight dude that I eat out once a week, and his asshole is big, and ripe, and just plain handsome. Let’s face it, some guys have nicer looking dicks, balls and/or faces than other guys. And the same goes for assholes. Since I am a 100% asshole guy…. not into dicks that much…but do love seeing balls having down from a guy’s crotch… I’m totally addicted to eating male asshole…enjoy fucking it too. I don’t much care what the guy’s face looks like. So long as his body isn’t too fat and he’s got nice round asscheeks (flat-assed guys are NOT sexually appealing to me) and a healthy, goodlookin’ asshole, then I will eat him out every time!

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