Unlockables: The Adventures of Big Ben

This is “Big Ben“. We’re not sure where he got that nickname, but it probably has something to do with the thick piece of uncut meat in his shorts. Or maybe he’s just really tall? Either way, let’s pretend for a moment that the he presented you with the six pictures after the jump and asked you to help choose his main profile picture on Manhunt. Which of the shots would you recommend that he use? More importantly, which of these shots would entice you to click through to his profile?

Last week, with the help of Gregory, we learned an important lesson about discretion. The more you can show, the better! Closely cropped pics don’t perform as well as shots that tease the viewer with a peek at your face. Basically, you should pretend you’re Wilson from Home Improvement, except way more naked. Ick. Weird visual. Check out Gregory’s full results here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Island Studs

To check out the pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:







10 thoughts on “Unlockables: The Adventures of Big Ben

  1. Picture 4’s a good start, but where’s the follow up where he misses his mouth and “accidentally” spills some beer down that furry chest, over his fuzzy tummy, and it runs down the length of that fat uncut cock?  I would totally be down on my knees in front of this stud to lick up every drop!

  2. 4 – but any of them if there was even a remote possibility that I could dock in his ‘port’!

  3. I think picture four is the most fitting. I’m of the belief that nudeness should be presented in a natural, as non-sexual way as possible. The beer bottle makes that setting (and it helps the imagination thinking what use the bottle might do later…)

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