Unlockables: Goofy Faces

Look at this hot guy! He’s opening his eyes up really wide and sticking out his tongue. Isn’t that so wacky and hilarious? Doesn’t it make him more appealing as a potential sexual partner? Aren’t you feeling a strong urge to hop right through your computer screen and make sweet love to him all night long?

It’s okay if you’d answer these questions with a big fat “no”, because that’s kind of the point of this post. Let’s say you’re cruising through Manhunt. You click through on a particular profile because the main pic’s super sexy. Then you see a picture like this. Are you more or less inclined to hook up with him? Or does it not influence your decision towards either direction?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys With iPhones

To check out more goofy faces and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

28 thoughts on “Unlockables: Goofy Faces

  1. A goofy face shows both humor & humility – both very sexy to me. Also, every single guy in the above pictures are incredibly gorgeous!

  2. i think it’s nice, because it shows that the guy knows how ridiculous the whole “look how sexy i am” thing is. plus, that first guy could be wearing a rainbow afro wig and those giant sunglasses and i’d still hit it.

  3. On the one side, I like a guy that can sacrifice looking good for a sense of humor. Laughter is sexy.

    However, it still depends on the guys. I found that, of the goofy faces up there, I only liked the ones that fit into my normal type anyway.

  4. To me it just means he’s more confident in himself and probably has fun in the sack. Most of the time I’d look for that in terms of LTRs.

  5. Doesn’t get my motor running, but I’ll take a goofy face any day over an obnoxious ass overcompensating for insecurity about his masculinity by flicking off the camera.

  6. Doesn’t get my motor running, but I’ll take a goofy face any day over an obnoxious ass overcompensating for insecurity about his masculinity by flicking off the camera.

  7. I’d much rather see someone making a goofy face at the camera, than shooting a bird at the camera. I’ve never understood why someone thinks that makes them look sexy.

  8. It depends on if he exudes a douchey quality in his other photos, then the goofy face is just more of him being a dbag. If there’s no douchiness apparent, then it makes me want him more, you can look forward to playful sex with lots of giggles.

  9. The guy in the pic before the jump and the last guy in the pic after the jump look alot alike….Goofy can be sexxxy, it means you can laugh at yourself….When I’m in a good mood I can be a total goof.

  10. having the confidence to make fun of oneself is a turn on to me, and combined with the cuties above, it’s pretty magical….

    had a pic like that myself for a while, and everyone seemed to like……

    would take a goofy face expression or body pose any day over pics of guys with drinks, or giving the finger, or doing the duck lips with no irony…..

  11. Be funny when the guys who actually are in the pic open the blog and see their pics posted
    The first pic, seen his profile before. Some guys it works, just shows they aren’t all snot nosed, rude and hopefully not arrogant

  12. There’s nothing sexier than a sense of humor, and a guy who can show that always turns me on. Most guys on here take themselves WAY to seriously! This post is refreshing and fun!

  13. People seriously judge a guy because he knows how to have fun with his pictures? Fucking stupid. Dewitt, you sure a shallow, petty whore. But you make up for it with some of your DailyWoods and Quickies 😛

  14. I think it can be endearing. I find my profile photos really portray my inner bitch… and I blame Bono. I can’t prove it… yet but I know it’s him.

  15. Well all of our pictures tell a lot about us. If someone chooses to post a picture where they look rather rediculous then that tells you a lot about them. Especially if the pic has them with the camera in their hand…you know they probably made dozens and THAT is what they select. A sense of humor is nice to see but really if you’re trying to find some dick on here, a goofy face probably isn’t the best bait to use. If you’re just looking for goofy friends then it’s probably a winning move.

  16. The guy in the second pic looks like a fuck stick – I think all profiles should have a picture of the guy pulling a face.

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