Unlockables: Choosing The Right Undies


As silly as it may sound, the underwear you wear in your profile picture can drastically influence your level of hotness. Don't believe me? That's a shame, because there's evidence in the two pictures above. Yes, they're both of the same guy. And I can't stop myself from asking–which one makes you want to bury your face in his crotch?

Both the color and style of your undies can alter the appearance of your bulge, as well as your butt. Try taking pictures with a few different pairs before you settle on the one that makes you look the best. Then again, you could just skip the underwear altogether and show off that hot cock of yours!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys With iPhones

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12 thoughts on “Unlockables: Choosing The Right Undies

  1. in the second picture, he looks like he has down syndrome.
    is this down syndrome “twink” week at manhunt LOL?

  2. daddy mugs with his “down” syndrome twink, this dude.
    is it some sort of fetish i’m unaware of – to get with a guy who looks like his name should be corky LOL

  3. I think this may be more an issue of angle and lighting than the underwear. I agree with the premise, though. Just because you like thongs or jockstraps doesn’t necessarily mean they look good on you.
    @GTM: The “goofy” look is actually a plus for me. A sense of humor and whimsy is very sexy.
    @Alex: Are you sure you know what Down syndrome is? LOL. I’m not seeing it in either of these pics.

  4. @furfiend
    some of these twinks that manhunt has been featuring lately are extra “goofy” (if you know what I mean) to put it mildly and in the best way possible.
    LOL I mean I think twinks like brent corrigan are gorgeous but lately dewitt has been giving those other “goofy” looking ones more of a chance.

  5. Definitely the second pic is way better.
    The goofy look is good sometimes, but the first pic seems like he’s trying to be a hot version of Zoolander.

  6. I kinda liked the first photo, looks like the dude could be a lot of off-the-wall fun, and not just in the sack. He looks like he could be the life of the party, the second photo also looks like a party lifer but you have to look hard to see it. I don’t really look at profile pic that intently unless the body is good, then I start checking out the rest of the profile. The underwear doesn’t really matter t0 me, the body will show regardless of undies.

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