Weekly Top Ten: Gaga Snatches It Back

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Well, it was too good to last. Pink achieved the impossible by stealing Lady Gaga's thunder for a week, but she couldn't stay atop our Weekly Top Ten countdown for very long. "Bad Romance" has returned to the position of glory, and there's a chance it could stay there until the music video debut of Gaga's current single "Telephone".

Four new songs have joined the ranks, which means that four other options have been replaced. Whether you were ready to say goodbye or not, you won't be seeing Mariah Carey, Janelle Monae, Leona Lewis or the Black Eyed Peas among this week's selections. At least they had a chance! Kanye West, Passion Pit and Lady Antebellum were all eliminated in the Wild Card round, before they even had a chance to compete.

If you're a Weekly Top Ten virgin, you can (digitally) lick my balls while I explain the rules to you. Each week you'll be presented with ten songs. You get to vote for up to three that you'd like to see move on to the next week. From those results, we'll take the five tunes with the highest percentages, a song we saved and four other contributions. These selections will make up the following week's charts.

So how do you get your favorite song on the list? If it's a song by Pixie Lott entitled "Gravity", you don't even need to do anything. We already feel horrible about forgetting it this week! But if it's something else, leave your suggestion in the comments section. We listen to nearly every song you recommend, and if we're not too hungover to remember it… you might see it here next time around!

– Dewitt

To check out the charts and vote, follow the JUMP:

  1. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (LW – 2): If this weren't such a stellar pop song with an amazing music video, I'd be upset about its omnipresence. You can knock her from the top for one week, but this "free bitch" will come back swinging. Nobody messes with Gaga.
  2. Sade – Soldier of Love (LW – 3): Can Sade dethrone the queen of our charts before the arrival of "Telephone"? We only have a week or two to find out! After ten years of leaving us dry, it's good to see that her comeback is going so well.
  3. Pink – Glitter In The Air (LW – 1): Though Pink got a taste of ultimate victory, she's now beginning her steady decline down the charts. Are we already over her unbelievable Grammy performance? Or did she just have a bad week? Stay tuned in for the answer to that question.
  4. Rihanna – Rude Boy (LW – 4): Hate on Rated R all you want, but "Rude Boy" is seriously starting to blow up! Rihanna may even have another number one hit under her belt if she can compete against the Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.
  5. Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (LW – 5): Sing it out, girl! Though Alicia has held her ground for another week, it's questionable whether she'll be on these charts much longer. You'll have to vote a lot harder to keep her in the mix! 
  6. Selena Gomez – Naturally (LW – 8): Selena didn't make it into the top five with this totally gay club jam, so she's slipping by on a "save" this time around. Don't be ashamed of loving this just because she's on the Disney channel! Resist the shame and start shaking your ass.
  7. Ke$ha f/ 3OH!3 – Blah Blah Blah (DEBUT): We debuted this song on Manhunt Daily to very mixed reviews, and it'll be interesting to see how it performs on here. As you know, your faithful bloggers have divided opinions on Ke$ha. I'll keep my mouth shut, because you know where I stand on this trash.
  8. Shakira – Gypsy/Gitano (DEBUT): Shakira takes a break from the dance floors on her latest single from She Wolf, though you can expect a club mix or two to debut in the near future. Hunky tennis player Rafael Nadal appears in this song's music video, which automatically adds points to its appeal.
  9. Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun (WILD CARD): Although Shakira has Rafael Nadal on her side, Vampire Weekend enlisted the help of Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Lil Jon and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan for their latest music video. Plus, their cutest member just came out of the closet! It's no wonder why they swept our Wild Card round…
  10. Toni Braxton – Make My Heart (DEBUT): Should we call it a comeback or not? Toni Braxton takes it to the clubs with her latest single, on this horny track from her upcoming album Pulse. Get your mind out of the gutter! When I say "horny", I'm referring to actual horns. Like, the instruments.

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359 thoughts on “Weekly Top Ten: Gaga Snatches It Back

  1. I voted for Shakira, Sade and Rihanna. But I still insist on giving a chance to Pixie Lott’s new single “Gravity”. If the Peas and Leona Lewis got their chance even for a week, why not give it to this song that is far more superior?

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