Unlockables: A Change In Form

The Unlockables series began as a series of tips for your Manhunt profile pictures. Then it evolved into something new altogether–an opportunity for you to express your opinion on a specific pose, facial expression or type of photo. It was essentially an experiment to discover what works and doesn’t work in the world of online hook-ups and dating.

At this point, the experiment has grown stale, and we feel the need to reinvent it. Why ask you about a particular aspect of an image, when several of you are just going to vote based on your attraction to the model? In all honesty, it just stopped making sense altogether…

So without further ado, we welcome you to the newest form of Unlockables. We’ll present you with a small collection of pics, all of the same model. Then it’s up to you to decide which one would be most enticing in his (hypothetical) Manhunt profile. Hell, if people are game, you can even send in your own pics and let fellow readers vote on your best angle. Just send me an e-mail with “Unlockables” in the subject line.

But enough about that! Even though we’re switching up our style, we still need to talk about last week’s results. Overall, the muted color palette seemed to be a big hit! More than half of our readers said they were just as likely to notice someone, while nearly forty-four percent said they’re more likely to click through. Impressive! Check out the full results here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Southern Strokes

To check out Aiden’s pics and vote, follow the JUMP:







9 thoughts on “Unlockables: A Change In Form

  1. How come we couldn’t vote for the pic at the beginning of the post. Although I voted for three, that would have been my preferred “main” pic for his profile. (I prefer pix with some “skin”, but not the full monty as it were, as a main profile pic.)

  2. I want to vote for the picture above the jump! I love the framing of his nipple and the v leading to the dick. So HOT!

  3. Agreed. I kept scrolling through the options wondering where the opening pic was. That one gets my vote too.

  4. Oh dear, I guess I’m just not convinced that this is a good change. At least with the former format there was a clear topic to discuss and that’s lacking here it seems. This is just going to turn into “I like that picture” and be a free for all bitch-fest of a thousand topics. I’m not running the show here however so good luck with the new format. I hope it works out ya.

    I do agree however that there should be a series about helping guys make a better overall profile. Seeing what others think about things like “ask me” in every response or “I’ll fill this in later” might help guys realize that perhaps that is why they aren’t getting winks and flirts and tons of guys wanting them…or maybe it is. Who knows?!

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