Sometimes I Post Half-Naked Pics of Joey Lawrence

Today in Manhunt Daily history, I have confirmed my bizarre fascination with Joey Lawrence. The actor, primarily known for saying “Whoa!” on Blossom, somehow managed to blow enough studio executives to get a second season of Melissa & Joey on the air.

This is relevant (and totally important) because Melissa & Joey allows scenes like this to happen. It would be even more relevant if Joey’s television counterpart followed in his footsteps and joined the Chippendales for a few weeks… On that note, can we start a petition to edit footage of Joey Lawrence in a g-string into Magic Mike? It might actually convince me to see Magic Mike, which is starting to look more plastic and boring with each day that passes.

– Dewitt

Click through and imagine yourself jizzing on Joey’s chesticles:

(via superherofan)

17 thoughts on “Sometimes I Post Half-Naked Pics of Joey Lawrence

  1. i hate to admit this, bc he seems like a giant d bag, but WHOA indeed.  very nice

  2. am SO happy to hear MHD admit magic mike looks like crap — one of the single least-appealing trailers i’ve ever seen [after battleship, of course]
    the actors are hot, but you can get hotter pics of them for free online — the script is mind-numbingly simple and derivative, and has the approximate cinematic value of a monkey in a tutu

  3. Some people should legally be obligated to do porn. Or ‘tasteful’ nudes at the least.

  4. ah.. this is actually the 3RD season of melissa loves joey and joey is fucking awsome and hot…

    blow anybody no doubt that

    blown away that this is on ABC FAMILY

  5.  He’s actually pretty nice. Me and a friend saw him once at a local bar & grill. He was apparently in town (Ann Arbor, MI) filming a small role. We asked for a pic and he was real cool about it.

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