Quickie: Bryan Sheaffer

Apparently March’s issue of DNA Magazine is entirely devoted to blonds? Because they obviously don’t get enough attention in the gay media world! <– For those of you who are a bit dense, this comment was meant in a sarcastic fashion. After all, I’ve been pretty open about my bias against men with sultry, golden locks, so there’s no chance in hell that I’d ever say anything good about them.

OR IS THERE?!?! Bryan Sheaffer‘s kind of doable. While I’m pretty sure he’s not a natural blond (would have to see the pubes to be 100% sure), let’s just consider this progress in my journey toward blond tolerance… Want to see three other models from this issue? Head over to Arch Noble or something.

UPDATE: I’ve also heard that there’s a two-page spread about Garçon Garçon in this issue. Neither of them are blonds, which means I’d automatically be 900% more likely to do both of them before anyone else in this post. Just so you know.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

Click through to see more pics from this shoot:

You might prefer Jacob Sones:

Or Jason Boyce:

Or perhaps cover boy Steve Kuchinsky:

I don’t know. I’m sticking with Bryan. See more of the other three at Arch Noble.

484 thoughts on “Quickie: Bryan Sheaffer

  1. I highly doubt Bryan is a natural blonde, given his dark eyebrows and facial hair.  But I kinda like the bleach blonde from a bottle.  Makes him look kinda trashy and slutty.  And that body?!  Holy @#$%!  Those tank tops look like they’re about to burst at the seams!

    Of the four guys shown, I’d definitely throw my legs up in the air for Bryan first.

  2. I prefer Jacob Sones. I love the first picture. I would love to lay on top of him rubbing bodies and cocks together and cumming.

  3. While I know you were a bit sarcastic when you said it, but hair color doesn’t determine other body hair color. I’m a natural blond, but have black body hair (including pubes) and a light brown/reddish beard.

  4. I know, I know! My leg hair is platinum blond. The rest of my body hair is NOT, and there’s definitely some red in my beard too.

    It’s weird.

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