Twitter Feed (Me): NYE Edition

A brand-new year is upon us. And, allow me, THANK FUCKING GOD. 2016 has been one flick to the nuts after another, and not in the good way that you masochists like. A complete pustule of a human being has been put into power here in the US, and SO MANY of our idols and inspirations have tragically been taken too early. It’s been tough, man. But a new year brings new hope. And new porn star tweets for your perusal. Let’s see what they’re up to, shall we?

Bulrog is bored at the airport.

Sebastian Kross didn’t see you there.

Trey Turner is excited.

Derek Bolt got a book for Christmas.

Felix Chase got something entirely different.

Luke Adams retweeted a recent spit-roasting he received.

The Maverick Men presented us with…whatever the fuck this is.

Jordan Levine wants to take possession of you (and me? Please?).

Did you know Levi Karter has his own Fleshjack? (Be sure to check out our recent interview with him, too!)

Gabriel Cross gifted us with an underwear selfie.

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