Top or Bottom: Ryan Gosling

From the “Hey Girl” meme to his “Photoshopped” abs, 2011 was undeniably the year of Ryan Gosling. We were going to do a countdown of this year’s hottest celebrities, until we realized there’s nobody else beyond Ryan Gosling. He’s everything right now. Even Bradley Cooper knows what’s up.

Though a few of our friends would swear up and down that Ryan’s playing for our team (wishful thinking on their part), he’s never really set off our gaydar. With that said, we still can’t stop ourselves from asking the all-too-important question. If Mr. Gosling liked dudes, do you think he’d prefer to Top or Bottom?

Last week, nearly half of you voted Santa Claus as a total top. We prefer Jimmy T‘s answer: “He’s gotta be 100% versatile so he can give you what you want, no matter who you are, especially since he always knows who’s naughty and who’s nice.” Alas, it doesn’t matter what we think. Check out the full results here.

– Dewitt

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19 thoughts on “Top or Bottom: Ryan Gosling

  1. The man is gorgeous, but I think he would be 100% versatile. He looks like someone who would love to take cock up his ass. I remember him as Young Hercules.

  2. thing is, he is very sexy in that film and has an amazing body, but in all honesty, his face and bone structure is kind of not all that.

    when you see his face (with no body distraction) in a photo, so you get none of his charisma, he is in fact NOT facially attractive

  3. He seems like he’d wanna give to you deep and hard but after that he’d really find pleasure in being a hungry bottom that likes it rough and animalistic.

  4. I say Total Top, ’cause that’s what I’d want him to be, if the 2nd greatest miracle the world has ever seen resulted in my finding him in my bed one night.  Right now,  he is my ultimate celebrity crush.  I think I’ve seen just about every movie he’s ever been in, except two that are due out on DVD next month (Drive and Ides Of March).

  5. I’m gonna order off the menu and say he’d be a pure cocksucker… That face was created to rest comfortably in my lap, sensuous lips wrapped tight around me, eyes locked with mine… I’m also inclined to believe he’d be a cuddle whore.

    Hey… it’s my wish, I’ll make it any way I want.

  6. I actually agree with michal. Collectively, he’s good looking, but facially, his features just don’t come together well. His eyes really stand out to me (too small and closely spaced together).

    But beautiful body. And a wonderful actor.

  7. I’d like to think he’s a versatile top. I imagine him generally preferring being the top, but wanting to make sure his partner enjoys equal pleasure and thus bottoming with genuine joy.

  8. I’m just gonna make my vote what I hope he would be cause he is quite possibly my longest gay boy crush (I fell for him way back in his Young Hercules/Breaker High years)

  9.  he’s not even all that attractive compared to other celebrities, so i don’t get what sets him apart from other flavors of the month. the people magazine cover, brought about by the pseudo-humorous romcom quote of “WHAT ARE YOU, PHOTOSHOPPED?!”? gtfoh.

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