Manhunt Daily Wood: Dominic Figlio

Dominic Figlio is an underwear model who’s too well-endowed to have his likeness printed on Hanes or Fruit of the Loom packages at your local K-Mart. His exceptionally large bulge would give too many men an inferiority complex, and there’s a pretty good chance that he’d cause sex riots full of horny housewives who aren’t getting any from their low-life husbands (but still have to buy their underwear, ’cause they left skidmarks on every other pair).

We’re not even sure why Dominic bothers wearing underwear for his photo shoots, because he’d be more likely to sell those skimpy briefs if he just whipped out his cock and wore the undies on his head. Extra points if he sniffs them! An infinite amount of points if he lets us sniff them!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Felix Dasilva

Click through for more pics from this shoot:

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37 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Dominic Figlio

  1. well, i knew someone would bitch about the chest hair, but at least he didn’t have any tatts for someone to get their panties bunched up over. lol.     i do love those long lean muscles tho. and yeah… looks to be a nice thick piece too…. and for once i will actually AGREE with the chest hair comment. i’m pretty “whatever” about the hair (i like a little fuzzy, but am fine with shaved as well)… but i bet he has a nice fuzz when he doesnt shave it. 

  2. Nice…but he should smile more often as he looks awesome with that smile. Seems to have big balls as well.

  3. wheres the hair?  didnt see it.  hes very nice.  I’m not sure about how big his bulge is.  underwear can be very deceiving since alot of it lifts nowadays.

  4. Although he
    has a killer smile, a beautiful body and VERY BEAUTIFUL MAN-COCK,
    butt guys, he is ONLY selling underwear !

  5. Where are the butt shots? C’mon, people, get the ratio right: 75% bulge, 25% butt. He almost makes tighty whities appealing, but not quite, even with that appealing smile (which, yes, he should exercise more).

  6. He is fucking hot. It’s clear that he has a nice thick cock but he must also have massive balls because in the pics where you can see the outline of his cock, it doesn’t account for the entire size of the bulge.  Seems like he’ll just have to pose nude to solve this deliciously perplexing mystery.

  7. I was wondering why the name was familiar to me, then I realized he was one of the guys from that Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency tv show! Nice to see he’s still doin stuff…and that I got to see his package. >w>

  8. Hmm,he’s quite nice,bit of hair,slightly rough brilliant physique..obviously well sprung in the pants department…two thumbs up.

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