Straight Guys Are Gay: The Pope REALLY Likes Acrobats

Ok, before you give me an open-handed slap across the mouth for clownin’ on the Pope – just check out the INTENSE EYE-FUCKING that dude is giving these acrobat guys. I’m waiting for the front of his robe to slowly rise. Who can blame him. I got a chubby over the one guy’s muscular back. Backs are nice. Anyway, the Pope’s a virgin so he could actually swing our way. Not that you’d know it from some of the shitty things he says about us. Ok, I’m done.

– J. Harvey

To watch the Pope admire shirtless men, Follow the JUMP:

443 thoughts on “Straight Guys Are Gay: The Pope REALLY Likes Acrobats

  1. I”m glad the Pope, nuns, and rest of the audience was respectful to them. Speaking as an ex catholic myself, they can be very judgemental.

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