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Unless enough folks raise a ruckus, this may be the last America’s Next Top Model recap on Manhunt Daily. It’s come to a point where it seems illogical to write about a show no one cares about. Yes, a few people come to this blog for more than gay porn and naked men. But who’s coming to read about makeovers and photo shoots? If you’re out there, make your voice heard before it’s too late…

Now that we’ve addressed that issue, let’s move on to last night’s episode. Nigel Barker and J. Alexander kicked things off with a photo challenge, in which the models posed at the top of a roller coaster. Luckily, the actual photo shoot wasn’t nearly as lame as this.

Photographer Matthew Rolston captured the eleven remaining contestants in a beauty shoot, complete with enough seafood to provoke snarky “fish” remarks in our comments section. Who took the best picture? Who got eliminated? You’ll have to click through to find out!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Patrick Wymore

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1. ANN (LW – 1): Is anyone surprised by this? For the third week in a row, Ann was selected as the best picture. Although it may seem counterintuitive, this doesn’t bode well for her future in the competition. The judges will eat her alive if she ever comes anywhere close to mediocrity…

2. KACEY (LW – 1): This is what happens when a drag queen makes love to a fish, right? The judges were raving about this crap, and I just don’t understand the appeal. However, I’m kind of obsessed with Kacey being the “token bitch” of the household. She definitely pulled out some variation of “I’m not here to make friends” on last night’s episode. LOVE IT.

3. ESTHER (LW – 10): Could we have a new silent threat in the competition? Previously, Esther had been fading into the background, but now she’s busted out with this absolutely stunning photograph. It seems like she might be more than “that Jewish girl from Boston with ginormous boobies”. This bitch better bring it!

4. CHRIS (LW – 4): Matthew Rolston designated this as his favorite image from the entire shoot. I’m still conflicted on this matter, because I can’t get past his wild opposition to her forehead. Every time I look at this picture, I see a girl covering herself because a famous photographer told her to. Chris has such a big personality, and it’d be a shame to see her broken down by the fashion industry. Who ever said big foreheads can’t be beautiful?

5. KENDAL (LW – 9): I’m waiting for the moment that Kendal photographs as well as she looks in person. And by “in person”, I mean on my television. Based on looks alone, she should be one of the frontrunners in the competition, but she’s missing the mark ever-so-slightly. Girl, you’ve got to come harder than this!

6. LEXIE (LW – 11): Did anyone else think this was too cute? Look, I know this is a beauty shoot and everything, but Lexie appears to be more Seventeen magazine than Vogue Italia. As much as I love her rivalry with Kacey, they need to send this girl packing ASAP.

7. KAYLA (LW – 2): I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–Kayla is going to be the first openly lesbian winner of America’s Next Top Model. Even though she’s towards the bottom of the pack, this is still an exceptional picture. It’s like a high fashion version of Ariel from The Little Mermaid! However, from the looks of Sebastian on his shoulder, he probably won’t be breaking out into a rendition of “Under The Sea”…

8. JANE (LW – 7): Jane appears too pretty in photographs. I realize there are worst problems to have in the world, but it could be a serious detriment to her fate in this competition. Much like Kendal, I’m still waiting for the shot that will blow me (no pun intended) out of the water, and she hasn’t quite delivered it yet.

9. CHELSEY (LW – 3): Is it wrong that I’m kind of obsessed with this picture? It’s like Megan Mulally with a blond wig and too much botox. Tyra took it to the next level with her critique of this shot, saying that Chelsey looks like a contestant who didn’t win RuPaul’s Drag Race.

10. LIZ (Bottom Two, LW – 6): Liz has taken a place as the “complainer” of the bunch, and you can tell that Jay Manuel is ready to rip her lips off of her face. If she can shut her mouth and stop bitching, I’ll be back on her bandwagon. But right now? I want to slap this ho.

11. RHIANNA (Eliminated, LW – 5): So was it just me? Or did anyone else think this was a legitimately good shot? Obviously, the producers needed to get rid of Rhianna in order to let Ann hog the “quirky girl” spotlight, but it’s questionable why they chose to do it at this moment. Alas, she’s out the door, and we’ll have to get over it.

708 thoughts on “ANTM: Matthew Rolston

  1. OMG Kasey has a totally blow up doll expression.
    Plus don’t stop, i love reading your fun comments about the judges and how they sometimes suck at making choices, and plus some of the photos are just damn funny.

  2. Yeah, I say let the ANTM recaps die. There are plenty of other shows out there you can cover. Shows that have sexy men we can men we can lust after instead of these stick thin broads who no one will remember…Just my two cents.

  3. I’d miss the ANTM recaps. You go through the pictures, commenting on them aptly and succinctly. And it’s great to see the pictures the next day, where we have more than 10 seconds on TV to look at them.

  4. Finally! A bit less junk online. When are gay men going to learn there is so much more to being a Gay M-A-N than posing, vapid self-centered, gossiping people who do nothing to improve the world around them or for their fellow man. We have the ability and, for the most part, the financial wherewithall to improve so much in life for ourselves and for those around us and all these shows present is a “I’m First” and “I’m Fabulous and No One Else Matters” and we, as gay men swarm to them like flies to shit…WAKE UP FELLAS…

  5. I’m sure you’ll find something much better to talk about than stick thin girls from a show that has far outlived it’s useful life (witness Australias NTM faux mistaken winner stunt). Perhaps it can be replaced by the A-List from Logo. That seems like it is just ripe for your rapier wit.

  6. please oh please oh pleasseee dont stop these haha. i always read the blog anyway, but i love the antm recaps!

    honestly, none of these photographs are really that amazing to me. i dunno. maybe it was his awkward bangs, but i didnt like the photographer.

  7. Pls let Manhunt be about the pleasure of hunting and finding men. To ogle. To sleep with. To befriend. Anything but a fluffy gay lifestyle site that tries to do too much and ends up tired out like planetout and

  8. It’s sissy stuff, and that’s not what MANHUNT is all about. Stick to the premise of what MANHUNT represents: MEN!!!!

  9. I def. try to watch the show every week, and appreciate having you guys recap the episodes I miss! I vote keeping it alive

  10. Why not cover real fashion instead of the silly Tyra crap. Those models never really do anything beyond the show anyway. (except for the ones who get voted off… LOL.)

  11. To johnfnfl, orpete, and anyone else who is hung up on the gender society has constructed for you all the while rebelling against it at the same time, you guys are douche bags. If you’re going to talk about what “real” men like, wouldn’t that be WOMEN? Believe it or not, not every gay guy is hung up on being a ‘MAN’ like you are. And that is totally okay.

  12. I happen to love the ANTM recaps and will miss gthem if they leave. My pics for top 3 based on looks alone Kacey, Kendall and Liz. This is of course without having seen them walk – if they cannot walk I will be very very upset.

  13. PLEASE keep anything ANTM-related. I quite like your recaps.

    I’m hoping for a Kayla/Kendal/Ann showdown at the end. And a naked Nigel.

  14. No rukus here, I regularly skip this post. Actually looked at this one cuz it says its the last, lol.

    To those who would miss “the recap”, get a DVR!!!

  15. I love to this blog and read it faithfully every day because it has variety, and within that variety is ANTM. I have not always time to see the show but I’m always on the web and from here I can stay informed and also excellent feedback that can be understood only gay ….. Men are not just a stereotype … but every gay of the planet love MADONNA, CHER, Lady Gaga, and everything that has to do with fashion and beauty contests.

    I would appreciate you to keep ANTM recap.

  16. one of the best reviews of antm, week in, week out. One of the my favourite sections on this website, and what is it with gays that they need cocks on every page? Really?


    If we’re going to keep the stereotype that we’re all horned up perverts who look at porn all day…we might as well keep the shows about modeling HAHA

    Plus, this is ONE reality show out there
    still worth watching

  18. I wanted Liz gone, and Kayla was my favorite. And I feel the same way you do about Ann, the moment I heard she was “awkward” I instantly thought of Heather Kuzmich from that season Sayesha won, I loved her, so after she was ousted for being….awkward, I had no one else to root for. Right now though, I haven’t pinpointed a favorite girl this season…

    by the by, keep the reviews going, please and thank you.

  19. OMG!!! Please dont get rid of this blog post I live for it!!!!!!!!!!

    And I think my girl Kayla is going to WIIIIIIIN!!

    And I’m so done with Liz and her shitty excuses!

  20. can you also do updates of what some of the past contestants – like interesting news.

    as part of this antm section to spice it up a bit.

    1) naima – singing
    2) one of the other contestants married a survivor contestant – reality tv romance.

    @diorgasm – I can explain why none of Tyra’s girls go on to the big time and its sad because some of them were spectacular – raina hein, naima moira and krista white come to mind, besides ann markley and sarai of course.

    1) overexposure – usually Tyra has the chicks on there, who do outrageous stuff for ratings and thats fine because most of them are natural exhibitionists but the quiet girls – Tyra needs to quit encouraging them to overexpose themselves too.

    2) its also about the way tyra presents the show and the contestants.

    they need to stop scripting the show as – oh my god “everything is so wonderful” and the girls jumping up and down like idiotic fan girls since

    a) no one wants to work with a screaming fan girl (no matter how beautiful she is), and top models frequently work with famous faces and they have to be professional at all times – not screaming fan girls. The whole – Tyra spoke to me today and my life will never be the same again, Tyra gave me the chance to fly on a plane – needs to stop.

    also it makes some of the girls come across as total bumpkins -flying on a plane, visiting other countries is fairly standard for top models – so the girls come across as extremely unsophisticated, they can’t be “overcome” every time they get on a plane.

    b) the other girls on there – that have had more exposure, slightly richer etc come across as very fake because of the scripting. and no one wants to work with a fake – no matter how beautiful she is. many photographers rely on models input and if you know an angle is not working for you, or specific things work for you, they appreciate the input – saves them time, and fakeness if the model knows better is not appreciated. tyra needs to stop the whole – “everything you say tyra is manna from heaven to me” etc – change the scripting so less gushing more neutral answers.

    especially in the judging section – any photographer watching some of those sections would be turned off working with some of the girls – the gushing, the fakeness – too much drama too little professionalism.

    to be continued in next post

  21. the season where naima moira won was a typical example of some of the things i was saying.

    1) typical setting – lets say a famous fashion photographer wants to do an magazine ad for a new range of luxury purses. the whole intent is to sell the purse – people shouldn’t be looking at the ad and thinking oh theres that chick that was such a backstabber, or likes bathing in nasty things – (last season’s autopsy specialist) – the purse is forgotten and the focus is on the model’s life or personality. people are intended to look at the ad, and go -“thats a striking model and look at the purse she has”.

    2) this was especially illustrated in naima moira’s season. Naima was dead right to hold back the way she did and not overwhelm the products or the show with personality and her life – she came across as mysterious and very professional. Keenyah was already providing enough of the drama needed for ratings with her tantrums and tactics, and the miss jays are excellent ratings grabbers as well. Naima had the best chance up until the point – Tyra and company encouraged her to reveal more of her personality and get involved in the drama, then it just became another contestant on ANTM with TMI instead of a potential top model. Which was a great inhibitor – most of her photos before that – one actually ended up focusing on the product which was a good thing, she didn’t need to put it all out there like Tyra encouraged her to do – the show already had enough ratings drama.

    3) single mothers – they are commercially unavailable. high fashion is about the high life – not about changing diapers, and if tyra does have single moms on – less gushing about how they want to get home to their babies etc.

    4) tyra’s “older models” which are really not old at all. tyra goes on and on about “freshness”, but many of them are only a year or two older than the other contestants and look younger than some of the other contestants – if tyra didn’t harp on their ages – very few people would probably guess. these days its not like it was back in the day – where a model started at 13, got her big break at 19 and at 24 it was all over. many of yesteryears models like cindy crawford, claudia schiffer, naomi campbell etc are still modelling even though they are 40 or older since they aged well. theres no reason a 24-30 year old can’t have a legit chance since theres no glass ceiling age wise anymore contrary to tyra and the “freshness claim”. Theres no reason to stop them, its not like they are 50 and even a well preserved 50 year old these days would have a decent chance at modelling. maybe tyra can have a few older women on 24-50 for next season. would be interesting and something different- some people look years younger than their actual ages.

  22. Out of all the ANTM reviews out there, I very much prefer reading yours. I always look forward to reading your comments after the show

  23. I would much rather keep them as well. To hell with all the naysayers. It isn’t like it is so difficult for them to merely scroll past this portion of the blog. To each his own, and this is mine (along with Glee recaps). The blog itself has plenty enough schlong. If being gay is only about the sex, I think I’m doing it wrong.

  24. Ann and Kayla are really the only two good girls in this group. I hope they are the top two. Either one can win and I’ll be happy.

  25. Keep the ANTM reviews! Sure, I’m mainly on Manhunt for the guys, but its nice to have something a little different every once in awhile. Plus the fact that I live in Australia means I don’t get to watch the current season of ANTM anyway =P

  26. Being one of the few females who “browses” this site on a daily basis, I can say I love this weekly feature and the quirky remarks it brings. (Yes I realize this is a site targeted towards gay males, but theres no law saying I can’t oogle two handsome men pleasing each other)

    I really like Ann, but as said before, with her winning so often if she screws up once it will blow the competition for her.
    Other than her I LOVE Chelsey and Kayla, and was relieved that Rhianna was finally booted, I was getting sick of the flower child and the same look on her face from week to week.

  27. Don’t stop posting! I knew was going to be *waves finger* fieeeeeeerce in a photoshoot, but girl needs to correct her posture. This was all said in the most masculine voice possible of course haha

  28. It’s your blog. Keep talking about anything you like. If they don’t like the ANTM recap, they can scroll to the next story. Get so tired of whiny queens complaining about what the blog should be. There are plenty of other blogs about nothing but naked dick to look at. I personally enjoy the variety of subjects covered.

  29. Please, keep the recaps! I end up catching up with the show online and IMMEDIATELY proceed here to read yours, and others, opinions of the week; it’s the best out of all of them! Short and simple and to the point. If people don’t like having it here or think it’s a waste of space then simply skip over it or don’t read it. There are PLENTY of other men-related links and articles throughout the site to glaze your five minutes of eye candy to. 🙂

    And did anyone else see the preview for next week? I agree, I think Ann could get in trouble if she so much as blinks an eye at the wrong moment.

  30. @ Alex: They don’t go on to the big time because ANTM is a very different audience than a Prada show. LOL. They really pick models based on what suburban housewives with a passing interest in fashion think models should be. Moreover, if they were really good they would already be signed with agencies or freelancing.

  31. I love Alex’s post. It was so on point. I agree with him in …everything. I think it would be cool to spice it up and give updates on where are some of the girls now. I often wonder that and it’d be cool if you guys did that. I love the ANTM review so please don’t quit it, it’s really appreciated. I can’t release my thoughts to my little niece, she’s only 10mnths and no one else really watches it with me so I appreciate this.

    As far as this episode Kayla is silently but constantly bringing it I think. And that’s really smart, she’d be the girl that doesn’t win, but will get signed to a huge agency anyway. But if Tyra is trying to legitimize Top Model she’ll pick the girl that is truly a great model and not the one who has a story or that is Tyra’s favorite. there have been so many girls that were kicked off because they didn’t have enough “personality” or whatever Tyra decided for that day and are stunning and should have won.

    Back to the girls. It’s funny cause I think Ann looks like Rhianna in that picture, and I don’t think Rhianna was as horrible as they made it out to be. didn’t care for Kasey’s …AT ALL thought she looked like a drag queen. Liz love her, but hate the complaining. Lexie I liked in the beginning, but she’s not doing it for me anymore. I agree with the Jane and Kendal thing, they just need THAT moment. Love them both though, they’d get a contract any day I think. OH and I think it’s interesting that they hide chris’ forehead, yet it’s about high fashion and Tyra is always saying except you, what you have is odd and we LOVE that and Tyra has a big forehead too. So I find it interesting that they tell her to hide it. Even more so that they enhance Chelsie’s gap and yet when they had Danielle the wiiner of …some season they tried to get her to CLOSE her gap. Tyra could have been ahead of times, but instead she’s just riding the bandwagon. Sort of sad really.

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