Gentle Reminder: Dallas Steele LIVE at Titan TONIGHT!

He’s gonna be live, naked, stroking, and all kinds of stuff. It’s probably gonna get weird. 

TitanMen continues their New Titan Exclusive LIVE shows tonight with Dallas Steele (who I just had a whole interview with today! Go read it!). It’s totally free for Titan members (so whatever – just signup so you can watch with me) and starts at 10PM EST (PST is nonsense).

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All you gotta do is click through to and look for that big banner right up there, to take you directly to his live room. I’ll be watching!

Dallas said this about his first live show:

Saturday’s show will be a combination of things – the first half will be an interactive game that allows viewers to select a card with a credit amount. The trick is, they don’t know what the other side says- but they can know for sure it’ll be something sexy and fun for me to do on camera. The second hour will be the hot stuff – full on jacking off and me using some of my favorite dildos. I have more than 60 in my collection as well as fuck machine, sling, fuck bench, and real milking machine from the UK.

In the meantime – seriously – go read this interview.  Dallas is a totally thoughtful and intelligent guy, in addition to having pecs you just wanna motorboat. He’s the complete package.
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