Tom From Prague: A Donna Summer Dance Extravaganza

Now, we don’t want to confuse you so early in the morning, but Tom From Prague doesn’t (currently) live in Prague. He actually resides in the DC area, where he hosts an ’80s dance party called Tainted Love on the fourth Saturday of every month. If you’re not from those parts, however, you can hear his high-energy dance mixes here.

For obvious reasons, we’ve decided to highlight his Donna Summer mix this morning, but you can click any of the following names to download and listen to sets devoted to BeyoncĂ©, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston… Or you can just browse his podcast for additional mixes, most of which feature an eclectic mix of dance/pop tracks.

The latest pop mix (embedded above) is four hours long, and it’s got everyone from Adele to Nicki Minaj. We highly recommend shoving your headphones in, downloading this, zoning out and preparing yourself for a big gay weekend. Are you ready to get dry-humped like a hot slut on a dance floor? Because we are.

– Dewitt

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