Who Came First?

It’s unclear when I decided to turn Manhunt Daily into the Game Show Network. After last night’s visually-driven Ultimate Hole Quiz, I’ve decided to challenge your powers of logic (or pure guessing) with a little game about ejaculation. It’s called “Who Came First?“, and the rules are pretty fucking simple—you guess which porn star blew his load first.

Today’s scene features Cody Cummings, James Jamesson and OnTheHunt alumnus Adam Wirthmore. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to determine the exact order they splooged (without watching the full movie). I’ve provided the answer at the end of the post, along with the following spoilers/hints—a) Adam’s massive, over-the-shoulder explosion is incredible, b) Adam is incredible, and c) Adam plays an integral role in the other two performers’ cumshots.

So, without peeking, who came first?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cody Cummings

Click through to watch a clip and comment with your best guess:

Find out who came first here. Find out HOW they came here!

164 thoughts on “Who Came First?

  1. is it just me or does wirthmore play to the camera WAY TOO MUCH?   also he looks like he has just walked out of the trailer park…..

  2. It’s just you.

    (This probably isn’t true, but I’d just like to emphasize that I disagree with you on this matter. Adam is perfect in this clip, gorgeous in real life, and if you haven’t seen the whole thing, you have no right to say otherwise.)

  3. My question is, how can he get stuffed with huge bone on both ends, while getting stroked, and NOT blow his nut instantly??

    I would so suck if I in porn (no pun intended), as I would only last long enough to do a teaser…

  4.  yeah, seriously?
    i thought [and hoped] he went away after that second, bullshit, clearly fake fucking scene with no actual penetration

  5. Oh James Jamesson…mmmmm  yes please.

    Adam Wirthmore is sexy….

    Cody Cummings needs to sit on a dick already, and I’m gonna assume he cums first so he can get out of the scene and let the other two enjoy themselves.

  6. I would die of overstimulation and go to piggy heaven if I had JJ’s cock up my ass and CC’s cock down my throat at the same time. And Adam is soooo freaking hot as well.

  7. how does someone who just walked out of a trailer park look? Smokin’ hot and ready to fuck? Then I just might consider moving next to one.  🙂

  8. control,practice, trust me you can last. Especially if you have sex more often. 🙂

  9. I’m indifferent towards Cody, but Wirthmore is hot and James Jamesson and that mustache … who cares who comes first, as long as it’s ON ME. 

  10. I love it that James was bossing Cody around in a video for his Cody’s site. “Give him some dick in his mouth.” Suddenly I’m a fan of James now.

    Note to Dewitt: I’m loving the super challenging games that you’re producing now. They’re fun and involve cock and ass so they’re just right for all of us little piggies. Oink.  PS…would it have hurt to include a shot or clip of that amazing cum shot?

  11. YES.


  12. Amen to that.  My favorite thing in life is getting jacked off by the guy who’s simultaneously fucking me into oblivion.

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