Everything Butt: The Ultimate Hole Quiz

The first three people who e-mail us the correct answers to this quiz will receive THREE FREE MONTHS of unlimited access to Manhunt. Now, read that sentence carefully! We said the first three people who e-mail us, so please don’t spoil the fun by posting your answers in the comments section. Send ’em over to daily@manhunt.net.

(You’re also welcome to send naked pictures. We like naked pictures.)

The premise of this quiz is relatively self-explanatory. All you have to do is match each First Auditions model with his butthole. While this may sound like an especially difficult task, we’re inviting (and encouraging) you to cheat by studying the images on this handy guide. Good luck! We believe in you.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: First Auditions

Click through to test your anal knowledge:

Click the image for a larger view. Remember! It’s okay to cheat.

17 thoughts on “Everything Butt: The Ultimate Hole Quiz

  1. I normally enjoy reading your posts, but this one is the worst ever.  There is nothing I dislike more than pics of anyone’s butthole.  

  2. yea, i like the idea of butt holes, but not the image…. i like to think of asses as the outside part, the smooth round spheres.  also, side note, number three is really easy lol

  3. I liked your cheat cheat, with the amplified photos, the best.  The contest was just a ruse to get us to look at the other pix.  Nice~!!!  Thank you.

  4. This is really hot – oh I’d love to study each of theses models up close in this position.  There is nothing as cute as a really nice butt hole!
    I enjoyed the close up pics especially but as far as sorting them out?
    Thank you – please feature holes more often.
    It’s always good when there is AT LEAST ONE pic of a models hole

  5. Anyone who doesn’t think the male asshole is a beautiful thing can’t be very much fun.

  6.  Cant see the images… they WILL NOT enlarge.
    really doesn’t matter … I don’t know any of these guy.
    butt … I enjoyed going for the Look See!

  7. What a fun quiz. Unfortunately, I am busy tonight and will have to come back to this later. By that time you will have many more than three correct responses. My loss on the membership, but I will still enjoy the matching the hole quiz.

  8. Love a hot pink starfish! And there are plenty good ones to choose from. Pity I can’t stick my dick into any of them…

  9. Yup! More submissions than I expected, and at least thirteen people got the correct answers.

  10. Wow…sometimes it seems like you just can’t win. Right, Dewitt?  If you don’t show cock or ass, you get whining. If you show pussy or boobs, you get bitching. And apparently if you show assholes, you get snark.  I actually think your contest is kinda hot but unfortunately I just don’t have the time to try and match those pretty faces with those sweet holes…of course I will take one guess 3=J.  Oh and to whomever owns asshole K: a tip of the cock to you mister. That’s a hot hole!

    Congrats to all the winners.

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