This neon-soaked, queer body horror is a gag in more ways than one

If you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming about living inside your favorite adult film, the bizarre, uber-dark fantasy Playdurizm will remind you: Be careful what you wish for.

First-time feature director Gem Deger stars as Demir, a young man who wakes up next to an oinking pig in a strange, neon-hued home with no memory of how he got there. In a panic, he attempts to leave when he bumps into the strapping Andrew (Asutin Chun), a sexy screen idol who assures Demir he lives there with him and his girlfriend (Issy Stewart)… and their pig.

Demir has fallen down the rabbit hole, but he’s got another hole in mind—one that distracts him from all the horrifying clues that point to how he arrived in this new reality in the first place.

Playdurizm‘s candy-colored world belies the film’s macabre nature, one that’s surely not for the squeamish. As Demir grows closer to his (frequently shirtless) straight “roommate” Andrew and settles into the fantasy, things quickly devolve into a nightmare of blood and guts. It’s a queer body horror that understands that bodies are both alluring and gruesome and then blurs that line to wild, disgusting ends.

Having made the rounds at queer and genre film festivals in 2020, Deger’s debut is now widely available and, well, you’ll just have to see it to believe it.

You can watch the trailer for Playdurizm below, but be warned: Even this brief teaser isn’t for the faint of heart.

Via Queety

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