This Isn’t Actually Thomas Jane’s Penis, Right?

We’re downright ashamed that we missed this. Back in March, photographer Jill Greenberg shared a very tantalizing shot of actor Thomas Jane. The image, inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe‘s Man in Polyester Suit, was originally captured for the “Risk” issue of VMAN, though the editors weren’t willing to take the risk of publishing it. Why? Because there’s a giant dick flopping from the front of Jane’s trousers.

Fortunately, the shot was later selected to appear in American Photography‘s twenty-eighth annual book, prompting Greenberg to share it on her Tumblr. Not so fortunately, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t actually Thomas Jane’s member.

World of Wonder commenters were quick to point out that Greenberg added “fake penis” as a tag on the photo, while others cited an interview where Jane stated he has a “right-down-the middle-exactly-average dick”. Of course, there’s a chance the former Hung star was just being humble. We’ve seen (part of) his real dick, and it looked above average to us.


– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jill Greenberg

Click through to see the uncensored shot:

17 thoughts on “This Isn’t Actually Thomas Jane’s Penis, Right?

  1. It’s pretty realistic looking, though… Maybe he’s a shower but not a grower?

  2. I’ve see part of his cock on Hung. Mr. Dewitt kindly posted the link, And let me just say, according to what i saw (and resaw just now), His dick could look exactly like it is on that photo. It is totally conceivable. Plus i wouldn’t mind sucking on it.

  3. After watching his many sex scenes in the serie ‘hung’, no wonder many gays in the porn industry would live to work with him. I could just imagine him in scenes with guys like ..Adam Killian, Spencer Reed, Johnny Hazzard, Jeff Palmer, and many other guys.

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