Manhunt Party Pics – IML 2012 Edition!

Strap on your harness, snap on your jockstrap, and check out these kinky pics from Manhunt’s booth at this year’s International Mr. Leather in Chicago. If you weren’t there last weekend, allow us to show you what you missed! Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, and Hunter Marx made our Manhunt sling smoke! In fact, our events coordinator tells me that we got a talking-to by the IML guys about toning down the “simulated sex acts” we had going on. You’ll understand where they were coming from when you check out the pics.

Big thanks to Jesse, Dirk, and Hunter (as well as the IML peeps) for making our booth the place to be (spanked, grinded on, humped on, flogged, etc.)!

– J. Harvey

To check out our pics from IML, Follow the JUMP:

2,256 thoughts on “Manhunt Party Pics – IML 2012 Edition!

  1. Awesome pics. I was at IML and stopped by the booth. Didn’t know I coulda got some sling action from those hotties… jealous. Though I am enjoying the jock and membership cards they handed out. 🙂

  2. Ho-hum.  The pics showed just what I thought manhunt would “feature” from IML.  Although, I’ll admit I’m surprised that some of the members in the pics had a grey hair here or there.  How inclusive, inviting and welcoming to “all.”

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