Eddy Adams Has A 9×8 Inch Dick.

The biggest dick I’ve ever seen belonged to Lucas Entertainment model Ben Andrews, who (allegedly) came in at a whopping 11×9 inches. Years ago, he approached me at a party and asked to “smooch” me. When I informed him that I had a boyfriend, he asked if he could have a “friend smooch”.

Then he showed me his penis.

He was flaccid at the time, so technically the biggest dick I’ve ever seen was more like 9×7 inches. There may or may not be a video of me attempting to deepthroat it and gagging in the process. One can never be sure of these things! And in the event that such a video does exist, there is no way I’d ever share a link with you. Nope. Never happening.

I’m bringing up all this random shit, because Dirty Tony model has an “abnormally large” 9×8 inch dick. This is the type of measurement that makes size queens rejoice and the rest of us clench our butt cheeks in fear. Where do you fall along that spectrum? I’d be somewhere in between, if he weren’t wearing that ridiculous necklace… I mean, did he get that at American Eagle in 1999? <– Sorry. This sounds so typically catty, but I just can’t handle that necklace.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

Click through to see Eddy’s monolithic rod:

See more of Eddy on Dirty Tony!

70 thoughts on “Eddy Adams Has A 9×8 Inch Dick.

  1. Thats too thick and his nuts are like the size of raisins, or is that just because they are hanging under that tree trunk of a cock?? questions questions

  2. I’ve seen pics of Ben Andrews and his supposed 11×9 . . if it is, i’d be surprised.  Heck, I dated a guy that was 11×7 and his looked far bigger than Ben’s, lol.  As for this guy here, gotta love how the interviewer measures Eddy in the video clip . . . watch where the start of the measuring tape actually is in his hand . . . . what a maroon, lol.  Typical for too many gay guys to measure their dick size with the starting point at their pucker :-p . . .. .lol

  3. My gosh, it does take two hands to handle a whopper!   He is very attractive, intelligent sounding, good body and wow, what a piece.   Would love to see all of that in person.

  4. I don’t think it’s the 9″ part that is so amazing…but rather the 8″ around. Damn. Talk about stretching a hole.  Yowie.  Yum.

  5. yes.

    there is more to life than having a big penis.

    the guy(s) who develop)s( a cure for cancer/AIDS/muscular-dystrophy (that works for at least 95% of all afflicted) will be first on my list for getting orally serviced/worshipped, for example.

    no matter how small the endoughment.

    it’s nice to have priorities.


  6. am not much of a size queen,
    if I tried that “thermos” cock, it would result in re-setting my jaw/major dental work
    or reconstruction of my lower intestines/bowels & rectum…

  7. This reminds me of a model on seancody, who appeared approx. 5-6 years ago with the title of ”Horse hung” (he wouldn’t reveal his face or any other identity) and tats one of the largest dicks i’ve ever seen in porn. It was a whopping 11-12 inches.

  8. yessiree, that’s one be-a-u-tiful necklace he’s got there…i know big whoppers make the majority of the gay planet go dizzy round and round, but this just says “25 cents gets you into the circus sideshow tent.”  good luck with that.

  9. Seen Ben’s with both hands!  It is as described, beautiful and uncut.  (Ben is a  genuinely nice guy.)   For me however, more than a mouthful is a waste.  If I were like a snake and could unhinge my jaw … different story all together.

  10. Eddy here. Thanks for all the compliments. I have a very small sack. What’s worse is when I get fully hard you can’t see my sack at alll.

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