This BadPuppy Scene is Like Whipped Cream

It’s white and fluffy and has zero nutritional value.


But sometimes you need some whipped cream to top off your night. I don’t pay a lot of attention to BadPuppy because I’m not that into younger guys and everyone on there seems to be white and I’m easily bored, so I don’t know if these guys are regulars or this was the only thing they’ve done, or what the deal is. But here’s Daniel Norck, James Hulk, and Karl Rossi being very hot and making it seem like they’re having a very good time:




That’s pretty hot right? They’ve each mastered that Bel Ami “Ooooo!” face whenever they’re looking at or finish sucking a dick. It’s great:



You can watch the full version of this scene here. And somebody should go poke around BadPuppy and see if there’s more stuff like this there. I like these guys:

bp_3731_DanielJamesKarl_006 bp_3731_DanielJamesKarl_009 bp_3731_DanielJamesKarl_012 bp_3731_DanielJamesKarl_013 bp_3731_DanielJamesKarl_015 bp_3731_DanielJamesKarl_018


All three of these guys could get it. And there should be more videos of the three of them playing together.  And also I wish for more wishes.


– tyler

3 thoughts on “This BadPuppy Scene is Like Whipped Cream

  1. Yes I remember when I had an account with Broke Straight Boys this was one of the ones linked to it for access. But things and websites change over the years. But this full video intro clip to the website had a lot on it that was hot.

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