Things You Missed At The 2010 Hustlaball

We gave you one very good reason to attend the 2010 Hustlaball in New York City, but some of you didn’t take our advice and attend the event. As your punishment, we’ve rounded up a ton of hot pictures and made a list of all the wonderful things you missed. But don’t worry! You can always make plans for next year’s party…

And who were the many porn stars you had the opportunity to fondle in public? To start off, we’ve got Chris Porter and his fuckable young ass in the picture above, and then there’s Samuel Colt, Race Cooper, Spencer Reed, Gio, Alessio Romero, Austin Wilde, Bryan Slater and Michael Brandon. That’s not even the full list, so you’ll have to click through and see who else was in attendance!

– Dewitt

To see more pictures from the event, follow the JUMP:

















357 thoughts on “Things You Missed At The 2010 Hustlaball

  1. These people were all tested before they went on stage, right? Like 80% of the people on this page are likely to contract chlamydia.

  2. All looks hot, but how many of us really get to attend such events? I live no where near any place that would host such an event. What am I really missing out on?

  3. I wonder, considering the latest reputable study revealed that approx. 1/5 gay men living in a major urban center has HIV and most of them don’t know it, how many people got infected as this event?

    None-the-less, even I have to admit those pics are really hot.

  4. i agree hatpat, all kinds of gross, but some people just love std’s.

    Which one is the whore with the tattoo on his chest?

  5. Looks like a great way to party if you love to get AIDS. This is why I’d never touch anyone from New York, LA, or San Francisco. I also think that many of the acts shown in these photographs are illegal in public. It’s interesting that they would be posted on here. And don’t tell me it was a “private party”, because it was NOT.

  6. Such merriment on this board. This board attracts nothing but negative nasty people. Comments given are of almost no value because a majority of the comments given are from sad sad gay men. I wonder if most of these comments are coming from straight gay bashers looking for an outlet to be assholes?

  7. Why do some gay guys get so worked up about the fact that some gay men like to go to events like this and sex parties. Yes, not all gay men like to play this way, but a lot do. I like this sort of thing occasionally, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. So to the guys who find this gross, don’t go and don’t look at the pictures. I’m not bitching about whatever you like.

  8. Seriously Dewitt, I think you may be better off turning this blog into a mouthpiece for Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Pallin, Rev Phelps, Christine O’Donnell, Bill O’Riley and others of their ilk. Most of the conservative gay men on this board would be much happier.

  9. While I agree that the pics or sort of gross and only help to keep the stereotypes that all gay men want to do fuck, I don’t appreciate the comment about everyone from New York, Los Angelas and San Fransico essentially being Carriers of HIV and AIDS..Im from philadelphia andI found that statement to be just as offensive as some of those pics. Some of my greatest friends, male and female, gay and Lesbian live in those cities and should not be subjected to your close minded ideas and stereotypes of what living in the big city means.

  10. Don’t let him get you down taree. I suspect that most people in those cities would not touch him either.

  11. I can’t even imagine that this stuff still goes on today with all the aids and STDs out there. Blows my mind really. Don’t people care about getting aids anymore? This is just nasty. And I agree about this probably being illegal activities. I’m going to NY on a business trip in December and now I have decided not to hook up with anyone out there thanks to these pics.

  12. This is why gay guys will never be considered equals to heterosexuals and why kids are still killing themselves over being gay. Who would want to be associated with this kind of disgusting behavior? And they wonder why there’s a “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. Here’s your reason. Who wants to be “told” about this nasty shit?

  13. I have alot of friends who do attend this event and other hustlaballs around the world. My husband works as staff at the events and worked at this exact one. I myself don’t care to attend these types of events. And I agree that some of these pics are of a different taste value that some gays love ad others don’t. I live in los Angeles and don’t have aids. An know lots of gays that don’t hae aids and gays tht do. I agree that this does feed a sterotype that we as the gay community all become victims to. Even if we don’t partake in these kinds of events. But to each his own. I do laugh at the attendees who seem so jaw dropped and desperate looking at the porn stars doing their jobs live instead of on camera. It is what it is. And I personally don’t care who attends and who doesn’t. It’s just a party. 🙂 if it’s not ur type of event. Don’t go. I would like to say to the people who disapprove of this event. Ur commenting on a manhunt daily blog. Which mean ur probably on manhunt. I myself think it’s funny to talk negitively about a sex party but be on a website that engages in allowing you to meet up with an have sex with strangers. If u think about it, it’s just as bad. And does feed that sterotype u gays are hating on so much. I myself don’t have a profile and got this link sent to me in Twitter and I clicked the link to see if my husband was in any of the pics. LOL but live ur life as u choose. Have fun. 🙂

  14. The ignorance here makes me want to cry. The bigots that have commented so far are ashamed to be gay. Why do you give a rats ass what the mainstream bigots think? The only way you will ever conform with the mainstream is to become straight. It does not matter what we do. People that hate us simply hate us no matter how we behave just because they think we are sick homosexual men. God what is wrong with you people?

  15. wow, some people think just having sex with an HIV+ person will mean that you get AIDS.
    What a lake of education there is on this website.

  16. Maskarants- LOL I CONCURE!! I didn’t say it was a healthy party. I just said it was a party. Not my kinda party. But a party none the less.

    Rad- ditto!

  17. This discussion has deteriorated into hiv and AIDS. First of all I think a lot of people here do not understand the difference but I won’t try to educate them. But more than that I have looked at each of these hot pics and do not see any anal penetration? So what is the problem?

  18. I’ve never understood these types of events. Or people who “party and play” and a ton of other gay actions that make no sense to me. I don’t really care what people think of me, even more so if they have choosen to assume that all gays act the same way. It’s ignorant. And they have straight sex partys too. It’s not just gays that fall under this catagory. For those who do their research. AIDS is spread more among straights then gays. If u don’t believe me. Do some googleing and check for yourself. I have nothing against these partys. I believe in peoples right to do what they want. I’m wearing a Hustlaball Staff shirt right now. I’ve even applied to work fr ManHunt as their LA rep. But I still hold strong to my own beliefs. I don’t have a grindr on my iPhone, or an A4A profile. Or a manhunt profile. Or visit sex clubs and bath houses. But I allow other people to live their own lives. And what all these pics are showing are people making their own choices. And none of their choices having any effect on any of us. The only effect being that it feeds a sterotype that ignorant people apply to the whole gay community. And since this blog proves that not all gays feel the same way then we should not worry about the ignorance that certain people are applying to us. I would like to think that anyone who believes that all gays are a certain way is someone that’s so ignorant that I would probably not want to be their friend or value their opinion anyway. So in a way. That persons ignorance Is doing me the favor of showing me to not waste time getting to know someone so lost and confused. so who cares what they think. Were all our own person. With our own choices. I won’t inflict on your choices. Don’t inflict on mine. And all should be well. 🙂

  19. Stumped- I love how u were about to educate people then asked a question I’m hoping was rhetorical! If it wasn’t. Well then…… I’m stumped on how to even address it. Lol pardon te pun.

  20. RE: Stumped.

    AHHHH! gosh

    Im a nurse in a Canadian city. The fact is more and more young individuals between 19-26 (so MY age group) are becoming infected with HIV. HIV is transmitted from bodily fluids into the blood through mucous linings and directly into the blood through abrasions. Therefor unprotected oral sex is one method through which new transmissions are occurring.

    The other fact is that new cases of HIV are on the RISE. They are increasing.

    The other fact is that over 50 percent of young gay males report having unprotected sex with casual partners on a semi-regular basis.

    SOOOO here is where parties like this fit in. They blur the line between fantasy and reality, producing a culture where a healthy distinction between the two becomes a fabrication. For many people bareback sex is a fantasy, fun to watch, etc. But more and more people are doing it, and thus the rates of infection of both HIV and other transmittable infections are increasing.

    Its that this party by itself is just a sex party. SO WHATVER. But the problem is that this reflects a growing trend in gay culture of hypersexualization and lack of committment within the community to consider consequences of change.

    No Im not an “ugly troll” incapable of sex. YES i hookup, YES im on manhunt. Snow_Seeker

    I am a concerned member of our community. I promise within the next 2-3 years shit will hit the fan. You are going to start to see very really repercussions to the rising HIV in our community. Its a lot of work to take care of someone dying from AIDS. and its expensive. AND its sad.

    1/5 guys ONE if FIVE and most dont know it.

  21. I think a lot of straight people think that all gay bars are like this. As such, homophobia is here to stay. Don’t get me wrong, some of these guys are hot. But I’d chop my dick off before i fucked one.

  22. I wouldn’t suck the dick of one of these walking diseases if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in their BALLS.

  23. Gleefan, what is wrong with us? Well, some of us will never participate in this kind of stuff because it isn’t appealing to us. But, some of us, me included, love the fact that we’re gay, but would LOVE to be able to get LEGALLY married one day, being the minority we can’t do it alone and with this kind of stuff being circulated and playing to the stereotype it makes it harder for that to happen.

  24. Honestly it’s not my scene but eh to each their own, however, to say this type of behavior is a gay thing is incorrect and part of the problem. Fetishes are not gay, nor are they straight…. both participate equally in fetishes. Saying your involved in a fetish and it’s a extension of you being gay is BS. Treating others as sex slaves or barebacking or pissing on each other or whatever your flavor is in bed has ZERO to do with sexuality and all to do w/mentality. Saying you do it cause youre gay AND/OR straight is an outright lie. Own up to being a freak and stop using “sexuality” as a cop out.

  25. Yeah show these pictures to an adoption agent when you go to buy yourself a kid. See how far you get. [content removed] Don’t forget to wear your stupid little leather harness and dog collar when you go, too.

  26. If any of the conservative pundits gets a hold of these pics, it will make us hard working, tax paying, in professional jobs(not whoeing) look bad. In places like Iowa the farmers think we are all like those pics you just showed. No wonder it is so hard to gain respectability in society when the gay men who represent us are porn stars and prostitutes! We all want equal rights but please, with behavior like this thrown in the face of middle America, I’ll let you be the judge. Keep these pics restricted to a locked area!

  27. @ Glee Fan. I want the same rights as every tax paying American. The right to marry, the right to adopt children, the right to serve in the Armed Forces if I so choose. When prostitutes and porn stars are representing the gay community do you really think this helps our cause? A candidate who was running for govenor of New York, stated that we do exactly what was shown in those pictures (Hustler Ball photos) at gay social events. Yes, I care what society thinks about gay men because I want equality. It is obvious you would rather party and play your life away. Quite personally, I don’t care what you do as long as I don’t have to pay taxes to support you, but could you please not look like an asshole to middle America, especially in the political times we Gays and Lesbians are facing right now! I can see it now, Glenn Beck holding up one of these pics and asking, and these people want equality? I do care what people think! You should too, if you are a responsible gay man!

  28. I’m sorry but I did not miss anything. This event is just plain gross to me. This is why we gays can’t get the respect we deserve because people think ALL gays act like this. I like having fun in the privacy of my own home, put performing oral sex or rimming random guys at a party is just trashy.

  29. What the hell kind of slut-fest is this? And it’s in the sketchiest of venues! Hustlaball is a very fitting name lol.

  30. I was about to get ALL worked up, too, saying that this was ALL in poor taste… Until I saw Adam Killian, donned in boots and leather, fucking the shit out of someone. Call me a hypocrite, because I would’ve been front-in-line for that!

  31. i love michael brandon, i mean LOVE him, but can we can him a porn star anymore? he hasn’t made a movie in YEARS as an actor and he hasn’t directed one in a long time either. i miss him!

  32. Personally, I don’t think what we see in these photos is appropriate for a public event, no matter if it’s gay sex or straight sex. The problem is that the gay community, not the straight community, seems to celebrate and promote these types of events in the name of “gay pride”. Why do gay people have to be proud of such public display of sexual indulgence? I think it’s important for everyone to realize that not only are there plenty of gay people who don’t participate in these events, there are plenty that don’t approve of them either.

    In case you are curious, I’m not old, not fat, not ugly, I date regularly and have sex regularly, and I’m a total liberal. It’s ridiculous to imply that anyone who disapproves an event like this is a self-hating homophobe or a flaming conservative.

    The people at the party are free to choose their lifestyle and do whatever they like. Whether those are responsible choices is another matter. And the rest of us are free to have a different opinion on what is appropriate.

  33. I am HIV+ and I did not get it from one of these kinds of parties. I am from a lot smaller town then LA SF or NY. So if you think these are the only places that you are likely to get HIV from you really need to open your eyes, it is everywhere. You sure don’t have to go to one of these parties or bars to get it.
    For the guys who think because of these parties gays will never be respected. That to is BS. Look at the hetro parties like Mardi Gras in new orleans and around the world. You don’t think it ends on the street do you? How many sex parties go on after wares. In their eyes it is ok to have sex as long as it is between a man and a woman. So even if every gay just found a single partner and only had sex with them, it wouldn’t make any difference. Being Gay to them is still going to be sinful. No matter what gays do they are not going to be accepted by the majority of the population. It just something they don’t understand and no matter what we do,will they ever try to understand. Parties or not.

  34. omg…..OMG!!!!!!!!is that what heaven looks like?wow that shit would make me blow in my pants without touching my cock!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck yeah!!!!bring that down under!!!!!!!

  35. This is fucking sick. No wonder people get the wrong impression about being gay. Sick sick sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This isn’t at all to my taste, but that being said, I think some of you are deluded if you think anyone sane will judge the entirety of the gay community based on these pics or parties like these in general.

    They’re freakin porn stars at Hustlaball, what the f*ck were you expecting?

    BTW, how f*ckin’ posh are you to act so high and mighty on the comments section of Manhunt. Why I bet you raise your pinky up everytime you give a handjob, cuz you’re so freakin’ high class.

  37. Well if u haven’t noticed luca most of the gay community is exactly like that. And yeah I have a lot of class sorry but some ppl are just born like that.

  38. Question:
    What is the idea behind the “Hustla ball”?
    1. Is it a party where porn performers interact with their fans?
    2. Is it a party where fans get to see their favorites perform live?
    3. Is it a party for porn performers who also escort [hustle being a old word I believe for working girl/ boy]

    It’s only recently that I’ve started hearing about the annual “Hustla ball” and of course I’ve never been.

  39. This is sad, only very lonely people without true meanings in their lives end up in sick places like this.

  40. This is what being gay IS all about!! we are not the hetro str8’s…we are gay and SEX is everything…if not ur NOT gay ur just wishing to be “gay Str8″…

  41. domtoppapi — No. No. No. This is NOT what being gay is all about. If you think sex is everything, I pity you. And what the hell is “gay Str8”?

  42. Mec797, you are so correct. These types of gay events give all gay men a bad name. It’s like most gay men don’t have any morals and only think of fucking and getting their freak on. Many gay men will grow old and lonely, if they aren’t dead already. I live here in Washington, D.C. and D.C. is full of gay male whores black, white, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, and Salvadoran. I hate being gay because it’s like a curse.

  43. Amen to your comment Mec797. It’s like Sodom and Gommorah. AIDS/SIDA is killing many blacks and Puerto Ricans along with white males. Austin Wilde and the rest of the male whore porn stars don’t respect their bodies. Many will contract HIV and will die alone. Having a nice gym body doesn’t mean you will keep it forever. What is Austin Wilde’s ethnicity? He looks to be black to me, but he’s always having sex with white males. I’ve never seen him get fucked or fucked by a black or Afro Latino. Typical Snow Queens.

  44. It’s call having morals and self respect idiot! Yes, I am black and gay. I have to deal with racism from whites in mainstream America and then I have to deal with racism from white gay males. I find the gay community to be very racists and segregated. I can deal with heterosexual white males opposed to gay white males. White gay males will never know what it’s like to be discriminated against based on your skin color, Negroid featrues, and hair texture. It’s rough being both black and gay. Sometimes, I wish I was never born. Being black and gay is a curse. Does God love whites or anyone with fair skin or light skin?

  45. It’s call having morals and self respect idiot! Yes, I am black and gay. I have to deal with racism from whites in mainstream America and then I have to deal with racism from white gay males. I find the gay community to be very racists and segregated. I can deal with heterosexual white males opposed to gay white males. White gay males will never know what it’s like to be discriminated against based on your skin color, Negroid featrues, and hair texture. It’s rough being both black and gay. Sometimes, I wish I was never born. Being black and gay is a curse. Does God love whites or anyone with fair skin or light skin?

  46. I wonder if any of these male whore porn stars are in a meaningful relationship? Most my be attractive and have nice bodies and get find any hot man to fuck. If they live to be in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, they will be lonely, spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all by themselves. There’s more to my life than sex, having a gym body, and wanted to fuck every hot man I see. Many of these bottom gay porn stars will not be able to hold their bowls later on in life and might have some medical problems. I am gay, but I don’t live my life as a whore. I’ve always had morals and self respect for myself and body. If I ever get fucked by a man, it will be someone whom I’m in love with and in a relationship with. Recreational sex is not for me.

  47. Maybe those are the guys he’s attracted to…are you really gonna start telling people who they can and cannot have sex with?

  48. Well, two years later and I don’t see much shit hitting the fan, so how about we stop exaggerating? I realise that HIV/AIDS is still a major problem, but scaremongering doesn’t help.

  49. That, or people who like to have a sexy, fun time. Ever think of that? Or are you too busy making sweeping generalisations?

  50. I wish people wouldn’t throw around ‘whore’ like that, it’s offensive…and if recreational sex isn’t for you, then why are you reading a blog that’s pretty much exclusively about recreational sex?

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