iPhone Wars: Battle of No Pants (Part III)

Although you can’t tell from the collage above, these four men aren’t wearing any pants. They’re also not wearing any underwear, which means their mouthwatering cocks are available for your viewing pleasure. Well, at least three of them are. One of them decided to torture us with a bit of strategic cropping, and it’s driving us absolutely insane.

Based on the pictures in this post, which of these guys would you select for a late-night rendezvous? Personally, I’m torn between three of them, so my plan is to answer “gangbang” and call it a day. Then again, one of them might have what it takes to win this…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys With iPhones

To check out the full pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:





210 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of No Pants (Part III)

  1. Let me say it before the conservatives here start…

    Oh SO DISGUSTING. No wonder gay men are reviled the way they are. Just GROSS.


  2. I chose D because he does leave something to the imagination. To me, dick pix (and ass pix) reduce sex to “glory holing” — sex is about the whole man, not just a couple of fleshy parts.

  3. cmon!!! no one for A? i cannot get that smile out of my head i can really imagine him getting really excited and grinning from ear to ear as I ride his hot ass! B is trying to hard so no! C is very cute yum! and D i would just treat him like dirt fuck and toss sorry to say but its true.

  4. B…very cute and my god the cock on him :O
    Its huge and looks like its not even hard…I wouldnt say no 😛 x

  5. I picked D because he is kinda cute and has a nice body… I’m not usually one to rag on guys looks, but B looks like a he had a bad accident with a vat of bronze paint.

  6. This CONSERVATIVE chose C! Hot!

    what was it that decided you….the nerdmeister size wristwatch, or the Haircuttery locks? 😉

  7. What was it that “decided’ me? LOL That’s funny. Did you mean to say “What was it that made you choose C”? LOL You guys make me laugh! I love it! I really do!

  8. easy decision: definitely none of the above. piss poor choices.

    A looks like that creepy rubber face guy that liza minelli married a few yrs ago.
    i shouldn’t comment on B, because it wouldn’t be nice to mock the mentally challenged (who play with fake tan)
    C & D look like the kind of guys you’d see on america’s most wanted for murdering hobo’s and hitch-hikers.

  9. Altho I’m not a bottom I am a sucker 4 a very nice piece of cock 2 play with so I was torn between b & c & so…I went with b!!!

  10. I was torn between saying ‘All of the above’ … But, in the end, I went with option C, because D didn’t show his dick, A looked like a guy I’d rather watch jackoff than have fun with, and B kinda looks like he may have photoshopped his picture.

  11. Cman65 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    A to have coffee with
    B to get fucked by
    C to fuck
    D to cuddle all night(and fuck over and over)


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