The Locker Room: Nick Hundley

Nick Hundley is a catcher for the San Diego Padres, and you’re about to see his butt! Okay, so technically you won’t get a glimpse of any actual skin (a la Joel Dreessen), but this candid locker room footage gives you a nice idea about the shape and overall beefiness of his cheeks. To quote a great poet… “Baby got back”.

In other news, Hundley was once photographed holding a puppy. Make of that information what you will.

– Dewitt

Check out Nick Hundley in the locker room below:

Nick Hundley cuddling with a puppy!!!!
Nick Hundley butt


5 thoughts on “The Locker Room: Nick Hundley

  1. Baseball catchers definitely have the best butts and thighs on the team because of all squats they do in the course of a game…totally GRRRRRRWHUFFFFFF!!!

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