The Best (And Worst) Places To Work If You’re Gay

Isn’t it great when people make handy graphics of extremely useful information? Designer Tiffany Farrant utilized data from the 2011 Corporate Equality Index, in order to visualize where the top Fortune 500 corporations fall in terms of embracing LGBT diversity.

Thanks to Farrant’s graphic, we can clearly see Phillip Morris International and Exxon Mobil earn a major “FAIL” for their policies. On a brighter note, things are looking up! When the Corporate Equality Index was introduced back in 2002, only thirteen businesses received a perfect score. However, according to the most recent data, 337 companies received a top score of one-hundred percent.

Basically, this means we’re making some progress! Someone just needs to tell Phillip Morris, Exxon and the other low-ranking companies to get with the program. It’s almost 2011! Treating your gay employees like they’re second rate citizens isn’t going to fly anymore…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men Hard At Work

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14 thoughts on “The Best (And Worst) Places To Work If You’re Gay

  1. Rod Daily is a hott sexxxy man…still waiting on that all out flip fucking scene with him and Cody Cummings…will it ever happen?….hhmmm.

  2. hmmm according to the cart cvs caremark ranked with a score of 90? thats about 80 points higher than my experience.

  3. The oil companies are the most hostile to gays? How surprising. Must come from laying all that pipeline.

  4. The United Postal Service is the local Mail. UPS is what delivers packages. United Postal Service is what delivers your mail to the mailbox.

  5. I’m not sure I’m cool with the criteria. Does the presence of policies or resource groups mean things are actually “better”?

  6. Well I think I need to go and get a loan from a BIG business man like that. Oh and yea, shame on Exxon and Phillip Morris. Who wants to work for them anyway?!?!

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