Gay Ass Gossip: Tyra Banks Fires Most Of Her ANTM Cast

ITEM – Nigel’s just hanging out naked by the fireplace cuz’ the bitches love that kinda uptown swagger. Not sure they’re a “cast” exactly, but Tyra Banks has fired all of her minions who work on America’s Next Top Model. This would include the Orangina-shaded Mr. J., model coaching legend and Queen Mother of Sassy Bitches Miss J., and kinda hotsy fashion photographer Nigel Barker (above). Ratings are wwwaaayyy down, so Ty Ty is making changes.

I haven’t watched ANTM since Dewitt stopped recapping it, but why not just end it? They’re down to “All-Star” seasons and pitting British models against American ones. Tyra, let it go.

– J. Harvey

More sexy pics of Nigel Barker and more “Gay Ass Gossip” after the JUMP:


ITEM – Dick Clark passed away this week. This is the sadness, because dude was living Americana. Clark was the longtime host of American Bandstand and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, and brought the tunes every week to kids around the country for many, many years.

Clark suffered a massive heart attack after a medical procedure and passed away in LA. He was 82.

Clark worked up until the end. He survived a stroke in 2004 which left him with slurred speech and partial paralysis, but this didn’t stop him from popping up on NYE every year to do the countdown. It was a little tough to watch, but you had to admire the guy.

One of the many sad things about Dick being gone is that we’re left with the very plastic Ryan Seacrest. Blergh.


ITEM –Robert Pattinson’s bukkake party was CRAZY. Actually, that’s a still from his next film – Cosmopolis. He plays a multimillionaire who takes a limo ride through an NYC on the brink of disaster. It actually looks quite good (it’s directed by David Cronenberg, check the trailer below). But I also posted about him because our readers tend to hate him. I’m like that.

20 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Tyra Banks Fires Most Of Her ANTM Cast

  1. I love ANTM, but yeah, it’s been on so long, it’s only natural that there would be some viewer fatigue. They should hurry up crown Sophie the winner and just let the show ride off into the sunset… 

    (And Nigel Barker is very sexy.)

  2. ANTM jumped the shark when Miss J was taken off the judging panel.  (LOVE HER!) Maybe a new set of mentors and judges will breathe new life into the show.  Maybe Tyra should team up with RuPaul.

  3. Let’s not forget the genial host Mr. CLark was for Many Many years on “The Pyramid”

    He worked from the 60’s on and also subbed for Casey Kasem on America’s top 40

    Yes he will sadley be missed

  4. I agree with the RuPaul comment.  People who used to find ANTM fun have switched over to Drag Race.  Maybe Ru will hire Nigel and he can fill in for Mike Ruiz as the photographer on Drag Race.    Can you imagine Miss J trying to teach Phi Phi how to catwalk only to slap the snaggletooth off her?     Tyra just needs to sashay away.   

  5. Tyra lost her credibility in the “fashion world” 
    no one cares anymore … maybe she should pull a Miss Naomi and beat Miss J up with her cell phone for some publicity 

  6. Tyra should do an all male model cycle. I would tune in for that.  I watch and it’s cool but at this point you know none of these girls are gonna be huge models. 

  7. considering pretty much none of the “next top models” ever did anything at all after, by the time 18 seasons went by with not a single success story, the premise of the show was been completely eroded

  8. Good lord, Nigel is just too damn hot in that first pic. But that’s so like Tyra…blame everyone else. How long does she really expect to drag that damn show out. It has way out lived it’s prime. Pack it in bitch and shut it down.

  9. I think it’s the fireplace tool that you use to fan the flames.  It just happens to be about the same color as Nigel’s leg and it’s right behind him.

  10. Why HASN’T Miss J been a guest judge on RuPaul yet?  Or a permanent visiting instructor on RuPaul U?

  11. Why are his thighs so damn long in that first pic? He looks like a gazel, and I dont mean that in a good way. That said, he’s fucking hot. I just think that pic is altered.

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