Robert Pattinson Has Already Chosen His Batman Voice

Robert Pattinson has revealed that he’s already settled on a signature voice for his role in The Batman. The character recently appeared in a total of three live-action, big-screen outings – most prominently Batman v Superman and Justice League. Amid the underwhelming reception, Ben Affleck’s portrayal was largely praised.

Despite that, the actor stepped away from the role and Warner Bros. opted to return to a younger iteration. After an exhaustive search and a number of screen tests, it was confirmed that Pattinson had landed the coveted role.

The announcement was met with a mix of skepticism and applause. For everybody who couldn’t overlook Pattinson’s role of Edward in the Twilight sagathere were others who thought him the perfect fit after turns in such films as Cosmopolis and 2017’s Good Time.

The adulation for the actor’s work looks to increase with the release of Robert Eggers’ psychological horror The Lighthouse. Co-starring Willem Defoe, the film follows two men who work as lighthouse keepers – but slowly begin to unravel as a result of the solitude and when confronted by their worst nightmares. Already met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, there have even been rumblings of an Oscar nomination for Pattinson.


Via ScreenRant

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