Lil Nas X Appears Completely Nude on Instagram

It looks like celebrities are just like everybody else. With social distancing (mostly) in place or social media feeds have been looking a little different recently. Primarily, there’ve been a lot more posts as more people are home, online and have time to spare.

And with that extra time, there’s a whole lot of “horny on main” content happening. We’ve had a few stars decide to disclose what bunks they occupy in bed, a couple show it all on OnlyFans, and now Lil Nas X is getting cheeky on Instagram.

In a set of photos that were shared across both his Instagram and Twitter account, Lil Nas X appears unclothed in a hot tub. While the crop ensures that the photos made it past the community guidelines, it also was enough to get fans drooling. Sort of like a mini-skirt: covers just enough to not be inappropriate.

Via Out

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