Let’s Get Kinky: Darius Ferdynand Splashes Damien Crosse With A Variety Of Fluids

Which is it? We’re going to play a fun game. Here’s Damien Crosse servicing Darius Ferdynand for Stag Homme. Darius, either completely turned on by getting his cock sucked or in the mood to show Damien who’s boss, pisses and cums on him. Here’s two […]

Damien Crosse, James Castle, Devin Franco, Damon Heart, and Drae Axtell Take Five

Look, I fit them all in! (I wish I could fit them all in somewhere else…) Lucas Entertainment’s latest five-way orgy stars James Castle, Orgy pro Devin Franco, Damon Heart, and Drae Axtell. The press release, however, makes special mention of Mr. Damien Crosse. Apparently, […]

BREAKING NEWS: Gay Porn Site MEN.COM Is 20% OFF & Their Models Are Unbelievably Sexy!!!!

HEAVEN FOR PERVERTS, THE INTERNET – In honor of the holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day, the gay pornographic website MEN.COM is offering a limited-time 20% off discount for horny individuals across the world. The website has bragging rights as one of few online destinations that […]

Three’s Company: Damien Crosse Gets Voyeuristic With Paddy O’Brian & Theo Ford

Imagine your boyfriend, husband or trusted sexual partner placing a blindfold over your eyes and provides you with one, singular rule—“do as I say”. With your vision snatched away, you feel a pair of strong, unfamiliar hands massaging your shoulders. Your partner starts caressing you […]

Popular Demand: The Week of Inescapable Cum Dumps, Versatility, Tattoos & More!

You can’t escape the power of Deviant Otter and his legitimately insatiable 18 year-old cum slut. After the post “I Think I Got Fucked By At Least 15 Dudes” brought in over one-hundred comments prior to last week‘s edition of Popular Demand, it’s somehow managed […]