Cockyboys Double Feature

Ricky Roman and Jae Roze and
Dillon Rossi and Damien Crosse. 



I haven’t talked about Cockyboys releases in a couple weeks, but it’s only because there’s been other stuff to cover. They didn’t drop the ball for even a single second and have been pumping out loads of top shelf scenework week after week. I mentioned both of these in the ICYMI wrap up earlier, today, but they really deserve their own posts. As a compromise, you’re getting this double feature smashsup, but both of them include the 5 minute tube clips instead of the usual choppy little trailers.

First up, is Jae Roze and Ricky Roman:

There was a post about Jae Roze earlier this year and the crowd seemed pretty divided about whether or not he needed a dick that big. I was personally very very into this scene and think Jae is adorable. He also proves himself an astonishingly capable bottom for Ricky here:



I’ll continue to hold my breath to see that oversized dong jammed into Ricky’s ass instead. Maybe one day…

IMG_0827 IMG_0764 IMG_0583 IMG_0508 IMG_0878 IMG_0837


Watch the full tubtime here. 


Next is Damien Cross getting New York Nailed by Dillon Rossi:

A weekend in the big city is just the ticket to strip away those small town inhibitions and Damien and Dillon barely made it into the hotel room before their animal desire took control. Sightseeing in the Big Apple will have to wait!

Damien grabs Dillon and kisses him fiercely on the face as these two dig in for an afternoon fuck to remember. They make out for a couple minutes before Dillon pushes Damien to his knees and stuffs his big cock in his mouth. Damien is normally a bottom but he’s not going to stop until he fucks Dillon’s ass with the New York skyline in the background. These two have total chemistry and you can tell from the start that this one is going to be hot.


There’s something about the phrase “the big apple” that makes me knee-jerk to that Arrested Development bit about The OC. Anyway. I guess they’re here on vacation, so let’s watch ’em fuck:

[If the player is being wonky for you, try this direct link instead]

Dillon Rossi doesn’t really do anything special for me, and Damien Crosse has this nasty habit of always stealing focus whenever he’s in frame (remember that weird vampire thing he did last year??) so he was the best part for me, and I like his willingness to play both sides. Eternal Tops or Bottoms are snoozefests. Switch it up so you’re good at both sides, like Damien, yeah?


IMG_8566 IMG_8444 IMG_8335 IMG_8411 IMG_8371


You can watch these two pound it out in the Big Apple (don’t call it that) here. 



– tyler


5 thoughts on “Cockyboys Double Feature

  1. I have to admit I have a real weakness for Ricky, he just makes me want all sorts of dirty/filthy romantic things which is a serious talent. As for Jae well I’m not usually into Twinks but add some skin art and Mr Happy gets very excited

  2. Man. I feel completely the opposite way. I don’t know what it is about him but I spent the whole scene going “what is this guy’s appeal???” But I didn’t want to be an asshole about it. Where is he bestest at? I’ll go watch that.

  3. Well attraction is a deeply personal thing, I wish I could articulate hey I find Ricky so yummy but I think it’s almost an unconscious thing. It’s worth checking his YouTube vids to get an idea of him personality wise, and I would say he is a better bottom then top

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