Goes All Twilighty

I am never gonna rag on someone for trying. And is really trying to do something here. And the good news is, it mostly succeeds!

As we learned last week, I have a thing for Pierre Fitch (and I don’t care who knows it!) and his part is waaayyy more interesting, imho. He gets a really good scene where maybe he’s also a vampire at the end, but you definitely get to watch Damien Cross suck his dick, but it’s shot from behind so there’s also also Pierre’s amazing ass.  But let’s back up for a second and start at the beginning:

In’s Thirst, Damien Crosse – legit sexy, I totally get it – is a vampire (you know, because he says “I am a vampire” in a voiceover).  And he wants to make other guys vampires. I think. By having really angry sex with them and making them drink jizz. I think. On this one, I’m not operating with a ton of info that you guys can’t glean for yourself:


Jimmy Fanz is adorable and doe-eyed and hairy and naive in this one. It’s a really good fit for him.  He’s like the Mia Wasikowska of this movie.  Or whatever the girl from Twilight was called. And he wants Damien Crosse to make him a vampire also (because again, he literally just says this). With his penis. Or no.

His “vampire dick.”

“Damien Crosse is a vampire and Jimmy Fanz wants nothing more than to follow in his footsteps. Damien offers Jimmy a helping hand, first by stroking and sucking on his excited cock, and then by slamming his ass with his rock hard, vampire dick.”

His rock hard vampire dick.

And that’s all well and good and whatever. But the REALLY good bit is Part 2:


UNF. That shot-from-behind blowjob that starts at :30 is everything. This whole scene could just be PF in that denim vest and then this. Four stars on angle selection, There’s also a lot of pretty hot grunting involved in vampire conversion sex.

Here’s my notes though: YOU NEED SOMEBODY TO LIGHT THESE SCENES BETTER. These are really fucking sexy men and they’re actually really good at what they’re doing on/with/in each other! Can a girl get a little reflector/diffuser action to do them some justice? Also, they are clearly indoors/in a house. Is Damien Crosse just spitting on the floor in there? Is that a vampire thing? Who cleans that up?

All in all? This is above and beyond’s traditional output and I really like it. I’m excited to watch the rest of this unfold, and Part 2 might be one of those rare clips that I bother to download and save in case I want it later. Men’s also got a special offer for MHD readers, after the stills:


Use this link – save forever on your membership!


Or use this one if you’re on mobile. Because that’s the way the world works. IDK.



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