Gay Ass Gossip: Russell Crowe Wants Your Wagon To Stay Covered

ITEM – Grumpy actor Russell Crowe made one of the bigger mistakes anyone can make in this age of instantaneous digital communication. Tweeting/Facebooking/e-mailing drunk! They really should have some sort of breathalyzer attachment on people’s laptops and handhelds to prevent these mistakes. Crowe went off […]

Drawn To You: Logan

Does the mysterious comic book artist known as “Logan” have a last name? Beats the hell out of me! And I mean that quite literally, because I’ve been beating my meat to his drawing all weekend long! From science fiction gangbangs to gloryhole encounters, this […]

Drawn To You: RYLD

Though it may appear otherwise, the drawings of RYLD are more than your average toon-porn. Yes, there are absurdly gargantuan penises. Yes, there are beloved characters performing unspeakably gay acts. However, there's also an extreme sense of technique and skill. You may believe that comic-book […]