Trailer Trash: Captain America

We already posted the trailer for Captain America, in which Chris Evans plays the iconic Marvel superhero. However, this isn’t just an excuse to post a fake nude of the (tragically hot) actor! The studio released a second trailer for the film, including a handful of brand new footage.

Our reaction can pretty much be summed up by this image. We’re not even sure why they bothered making Evans wear a costume, because the movie would have been far more marketable if he just ran around with his shirt off all the time. Seriously. They wouldn’t even need a plot. It could literally just be Chris Evans running around without a shirt for two hours.

– Dewitt

To watch the second Captain America trailer, follow the JUMP:

4,380 thoughts on “Trailer Trash: Captain America

  1. This and Harry Potter (which I already have my tickets for) are the 2 biggest movies of the summer I’m looking forward to.

  2. RoadRunner86, I think Dewitt meant “without” a shirt…2nd paragraph, 3rd line, and appears to be a typo. Either would work.

  3. Oh, by the way, that is an interesting cock they photoshoped for Chris. I especially like the large, pink, shiny mushroom head. If I were going to photoshop too, I’d probably give him some low-hanging balls and a thicker bush–just some preferences. But, hey, whatever Chris Evans has for real I WILL TAKE!!

  4. I love when someone does a good fake-up like this.  It’s great fantasy fuel.  I’d love to see the real thing naked but until we do, this will just have to do.  Thanks for posting that hotness, D.

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