Chris Evans Makes Patriotism Sexy As Captain America

What gods did we please? Because hotness personified Chris Evans keeps playing superheroes. Which means that he usually ends up shirtless and then dons tights. And we say – hell to the yes! Evans already played The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four flicks and now he’s on to his next Marvel Comics character.

Entertainment Weekly just unveiled the first official pics of Chris in the upcoming Captain America movie, and he’s all 1940’s shirtlessness and…deep breaths. The movie is the next in a series of Marvel movies leading up to the all-star Avengers being released in 2012. Chris Evans will reprise his Cap role along with a host of other hot actors including Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth. AND the movie is being directed by Buffy creator Joss Whedon. Yes, please. Can we call Fandango now?

– J. Harvey

For another shot, follow the JUMP:

28 thoughts on “Chris Evans Makes Patriotism Sexy As Captain America

  1. Damn, dude bulked up! Awesome body. Let’s just hope that these movies are good, and not rebooted in a couple years time. I’m looking at you, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Superman (to a lesser extent, Batman – but those were fantastic reboots).

  2. I have to agree with the post above… SO much sexier with the light fuzz he had when he was the Human Torch… But I’d still let him have his way with me either way…

  3. Nice way to bulk up, but he’d be hotness ++ if he hadn’t shaved down. Why oh why?? I know some guys like it smooth, and I enjoy a smooth boy now and again, but if you got the hair yum.

  4. he is cute with hairy chest,,, but smooth OMG!!!!!! come over captain america and rescue me… i need help!!!! lol

  5. This boy was hot as the Human Torch, sexy in Push and now he’s got us wanting to saved from burning building. I couldn’t be any happier.

  6. And it’s all been made in England.

    They turned a street here in Manchester into 1940s Brooklyn. It was very cool seeing them stock the stores with vintage bikes, bottles, etc…but all new. No sign of whats his name 🙁

  7. Everyone has their celebrity fantasy love, and mine has been Chris Evans since “Not Another Teen Movie,” so to you girls thinking you can have him I say, back off bitches, he’s mine.

    j/k (well, not really) – LOL

  8. Chris Evans IS THE MAN! Yes, I agree too that I like him more with chest hair, but DAMN he’s HOT either way! I would do ANYTHING for Chris…..Are you reading this, Chris? One can only dream.

  9. I have been LUSTING 🙂 🙂 🙂 after Chris since the days of saving Kim Basinger N Cellular …… ToddM U R so right Patriotism is a BEAUTIFUL thing !!!

  10. Bady gret as ever but his face has aged and looks ten years older than last time I saw him – will dig out his human torch clips instead

  11. I’m having an internal conflict. My inner gay says “YES!!! HOTTTT!!!” But my inner nerd says “No! This is WRONG!!! How can Captain America and The Human Torch be the same guy!?! Nooooooo!!!”

    But, that being said, he is very yummy, and I will watch him shirtless, regardless =)

  12. This man is hot with OR without chest hair! Love the chest, he’s definitely been working on it. So what trouble do I need to get myself into in order for this amazing looking man to come and rescue me… My mind goes numb with the potential…

  13. I’m glad someone else posted about Marvel casting the same person as two different superheros in their “universe.”

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