Super 7 Tips For Fall Weight Loss!

Weight Loss

Fall is fast approaching and you know what that means. Food, food
and more food! Autumn is when many people gain weight from the scrumptious holiday food. So here are some diets I stumbled upon at to help you stay svelte!

– Bumble Bee

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Super 7 Tips For Fall Weight Loss!

1. A workable plan.
Like any project in life, you need a workable game plan to lose weight
and keep it off. But before you even draw up your plan, you need to be
in the right frame of mind.

You are more likely to stumble and fall if your mind isn’t totally
wrapped around a healthy new lifestyle — the kind of lifestyle needed
to lose weight and improve your health.

So how do you change the eating, exercising and coping habits that
caused you to gain the weight? We recommend you take the True Diet
Personality Quiz — an insightful 70-question personal survey that will
pinpoint your bad behaviors. Click here to take it now.

2. Take a pledge.
This pledge can be something as simple as a written note, signed by you
and stating "I WILL lose weight this fall and I WILL feel better by New
Year. I am doing this because I want to ________ (fill in the blank
with as many reasons as you can think of). And I WILL lose the weight
in a safe manner. My starting weight is _______; by _________, I will
drop _____ pounds. My goal weight is ________ and I WILL reach it by

Write up a pledge like this, keeping it positive and specific. There’s
nothing that spells dieting doom than an open-ended vow such as "I want
to lose weight."

Post your Pledge on the fridge or bathroom mirror so you will see it
several times a day. It helps reinforce what you are doing… and why!

3. House cleaning.
No, we’re not talking about dusting and vacuuming. We’re talking about
going through your pantry, fridge and cupboards and tossing the
packaged goods that do no good to your body or weight. Fresh fruits and
veggies can stay; so too can the junk-free yogurts and cheeses. All
high-sugar, high-sodium treats and snacks — the kinds with
hydrogenated oils — must go!

4. The write stuff.
Start a food journal and keep track of every bite you eat. Thinking you are too old or too busy to keep a diary? Think again
A recent study showed that dieters who kept track of their food lost twice the weight as those who didn’t. Write on, slimmer!

5. Seek out support.
When it comes to effective weight loss, you shouldn’t go it alone.
Friends and family members are good first choices for support. So too
are co-workers and members of the church or civic organizations you
might belong to. We can’t say enough about online support… support
like that found right here at

Access to experts is a major boost for any diet. Premium
Members should post 3 days of their food intake on the Rate My Plate
board where registered dietitian Shauna Schultz can review it and give
you feedback on improvement.

Also, Premium Members should be posting how they are doing including
any questions they’re having in the 2 other premium member boards: the
Coaching Corner board and the Exercise for Every Body board. Here,
obesity expert Dr. Robert Kushner can give you feedback and suggestions
on how to get better results or solve some of the problems you’re

6. A fitness plan!
To turn your body into a fat-burning machine, it’s important to add
some sort of regular fitness. Walking outdoors or on a treadmill,
working out to a fitness DVD or video, or taking a yoga or Pilates
class are all good ways to get your metabolism running at optimal speed.

Sure you’ll lose weight with diet alone, but you’ll lose more weight
when you burn more calories working out. Did you know that muscle burns
calories even when at rest? It’s true, so find as little as 20-30
minutes a day to get moving and you’ll speed up your slimming!

7. Come to understand that SLIP doesn’t mean STOP!
No one is perfect, so you can forget about being 100% "good" on your
diet. We’re in this for the long haul. One meal or even one bad day or
weekend won’t ruin a diet. So don’t use a slip as a reason to abandon
your weight loss efforts.

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